Saturday, 31 December 2016


Happy New Year!

I'm sure most bloggers you follow are posting things about their resolutions or plans for next year and I will be no different. However, mine comes with the announcement that for 2017, I will not be blogging (゜o゜)

I've thought about this a lot over the past few months and it's still not the easiest decision to make but I am more settled about it. I've been blogging in some way or another since I was maybe 14, using TeenOnlineDiary and moving to LiveJournal before starting on Blogger. This is now my 2nd blog here on Blogger with my original being made private for my own use.

Not having a blog in my life is going to be strange for sure
But blogging has grown and changed so much in the past few years alone and I feel like whilst I have grown myself, I haven't been able to keep up. I don't know if the blogging world has a place for me anymore and so I will graciously bow out for now. Who knows, maybe after a year of reflection I will miss it all so much and come crawling back, but for now I bid you adieu ♥

So, where will I be online?
You can definitely find me on Twitter, I am pretty much glued to the thing!
For photo's be sure to follow my Instagram
and finally, check me out on Twitch

Moving to creating content on Twitch is one of my goals for the year, as much as I want to dive in head first and stream all the time, I think a goal of at least once a month is more realistic for me. I might take the jump in to streaming games on there in the future but for now I will be crafting cute things via needle felting and maybe even some rhinestone decoden ♥

For my offline life, I really want to get back in to studying Japanese!
So I will be trying my best to put aside time to do that when I can

and that's all for now
I hope 2017 is great for you all and that I will see you as I go on into my other ventures


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Happy Holidays

 I hope you all had a great holiday season
I'll see you again in 2017