Monday, 17 October 2016

J-LIST BOX: Halloween Edition

 J-list (aka/ Jbox) recently re-entered the Japanese Subscription Box market with their new J-list Box. Alongside the relaunch of the snack box they also released a limited edition Halloween box and I just knew that I had to get my spooky paws on one!

Be sure to check out my YouTube unboxing video for a quick run down of what was inside plus a cute secret hidden within the box's packaging. You can also see below for a more detailed look at what was inside along with some of my thoughts~


 Firstly each box contained a mask, either of a Hannya demon or of No Face from Spirited Away. I was pretty gutted that I didn't get the No Face mask, but I was late in purchasing my box so I think they simply ran out and the Hannya is definitely fitting for the Halloween theme.

I think one of the reasons why I enjoy Halloween so much is down to my love of gimmicks and fun packaging, this time of year really brings out both and these can be seen very well in this bag of Cheetos bones which are white and also yoghurt flavoured!

 This Kayako vs Sadako cup figure is pretty much why I was so convinced to buy the J-list box, I love both the films and they scared the hell out of me, so when I saw this film announced I was excited, then I saw the goofy merchandising and I fell in love. 

 This pumpkin Pikachu drawstring bag was a great feature to the box as it's only available in Japanese Pokemon Center stores! Whilst I'm not sure how much use it will get, it is super soft and totally charming

 This spooky gum is a classic dagashi that I don't often see for sale outside of Japan, I guess it's because the gimmick of this product is that each pack comes with a scary story that is entirely in Japanese and so the fun can be lost on those who don't speak the language. Regardless this is something I've always wanted to try and I can't wait to translate my story!

 You can never go wrong with Pokemon items and so I was very content to receive this Pikachu pumpkin keychain in my box. It's so adorable and if I don't use it on my keys then it will certainly remain on display in my house!

 Another product you can never fail with in a sub box is Kit Kats! However, I do have beef here as it's a huge pet peeve of mine when companies send just 1 or 2 individual Kit Kats and not the entire 12 pack that they came from. It just feels very cheap to me and leaves a bad impression.
Regardess these pumpkin pudding Kit Kats were very delicious and I adore their cute packaging!

 These horror candy lollipops are so gruesome, I love it! I can't help but feel these would be amazing treats to hand out on Halloween, their designs are just great, I'm saving that eyeball for a horror film marathon!

 This injection candy is weirdly cute, I feel like it should be super creepy, especially with it's blood coloured liquid candy inside. But damn, that packaging and the glittery syringe are just so damn adorable!

and last but not least is a special Halloween Umaibo! I was so happy to see this inside my box as I adore Umaibo and the packaging is amazing. This thing is like a key to my heart

Overall I was happy with this box, there was some really cool items of great quality but it was coupled with other cheaper items and so I feel really mixed towards it's value for money. That aside having a special holiday box such as this is always interesting and unique, I'm surprised that more sub box companies don't seem to do this as I feel like Japan loves to go all out with things like Halloween and there's always plenty of opportunity. So kudos to J-list for taking note of this and putting together a fun box!

It looks as though the next special box will be for Christmas and I'm interested to see what that brings, but in the mean time be sure to check out the regular J-list Box for the latest Japanese snacks ♪

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