Thursday, 13 October 2016

FIGURE: Super Sonico with Macaron Tower

 It's been 10 years since the world was blessed with the presence of Super Sonico and so what better way to celebrate this than by showcasing what has to be one of my favourite figures to date. If anyone in the world loves macarons more than me, it has to be Sonico and so I was incredibly excited when this figure was announced, I knew from the start that it had to join my collection!

Before we dive straight in to the figure, let's take a look at some of her 'accessories'...

 I was very surprised to find a base included with the figure! All promotional images had shown her without one and simply placed directly on to the surface of her surroundings which led me to believe she would simply be kneeling on my shelves, which honestly I was a little concerned about. So I was glad to see she would have a base after all and it's even asthetically pleasing to the overall look of the figure with a soft faux fur lining.

 Next is the adorable macaron tower with pastel pastries and an adorning ribbon. The top heart shaped macaron says "Soni Ani" in reference to the Super Sonico Anime

 and finally we have her macarons and... a putty adhesive?
I have to say, this really disappointed and annoyed me, I think it was a pretty lame decision on the side of the sculptors to not have these macarons already be in place and via sturdy means. Having to attach parts with what is essentially white Blu Tac is not something I expect to see in a figure that markets for $150!

But annoyance aside, let's appreciate Sonico in all her glory!

The pastel colours of this figure are definitely one of the things that drew me in, combined with the fluffy base everything feels very dream like. There's so many small details such as the crusts of the macarons and the gorgeous ruffles on her bikini that are just so pleasing to the eye!
The outfit is of course "skimpy" and I understand it can very well be seen as a provocative figure but I feel as though the colouring and the details really soften this and it makes the scene feel very fun and playful

It just really is a shame that you have to stick on those macarons yourself, I tried my best to make sure I used as little putty as possible but of course enough was needed to make sure they stayed put and so at some angles it's clearly visible. Thankfully it's white colouring could be passed off as cream from the macarons to the untrained eye. But I am still very salty about this detail heh

I bought my Sonico figure from J-box ♥

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