Sunday, 23 October 2016

Diamonds are a Yokai's best friend

 Back in July during San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro had a limited edition Yokai Watch figure and medal set available and I was lucky enough to get my paws on one with HUGE thanks to the wonderful Jerejoe ♥

The figure set was themed around the rare Jewel-nyan characters in the first game, these nyan's had previously been released in Japan via medals but their QR codes didn't work on English games and so this was truly our first time to experience and befriend all the cutie pies

  The box was adorned with illustrations of all the Jewel-nyan Yokai, with the focus on Dianyan (a Jibanyan made of pure diamond) taking center stage on the back panel as well as being hidden in a lens on the chest like box, which might I add was super cool and really gave off a pirate treasure vibe.

 Inside we have Yokai Medals for all the Jewel-nyan as well as the exclusive Dianyan figure!

 The medals together feature a pattern in the background of a shape which is similar to that of the box and as much as I'd like to place them in my Medallium collectors book, they just look too perfect in their setting!

 Dianyan himself is amazing, such a cute figure with an adorable face and lovely little shine patterns to really show off his bling body! It's a shame he's not a real diamond but I've got to stay realistic here

As well as being a massive hero and waiting in line to pick up the Dianyan set, Jerejoe also went out of his way to grab me an exclusive Jibanyan trading card and a bunch more medals!

I was sure to sleeve up the card ASAP! I love it's holo shine and I'm pretty sure that the card game isn't actually available in the UK yet so I feel extra special (plus, SDCC exclusive hello~~)

Overall I am IN LOVE with all these goodies and again I can't thank Jerejoe enough so the least I can do is tell you to check out his YouTube channel because the dude is HILARIOUS, I often cry laughing at his videos. I've linked one of my favourites below but I also recommend his play through of "Papers Please

ありがとう ~(●´┏ε┓`●)

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