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OYATSU BOX: August 2016 *

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hello everyone!
It's time to venture into the latest Oyatsu Box

Oyatsu Box is a monthly subscription box full of Japanese snacks (●・ω・●)
Prices range from $12 to $25 for various sized packages and they offer free worldwide shipping!

Before getting stuck in with my review, be sure to check out my unboxing on YouTube

You can also find a shorter review over on the OyatsuBox blog (★´∀`★)

This drink is sometimes known to people in the West because of it's interesting name, and you'll often find it alongside Calpis in lists of funny or "Engrish" sightings from Japan.
That being said, don't let the word Sweat put you off this drink, it's super tasty with a refreshingly light zesty flavour, and is actually really good for you. It helps to restore nutrients which is especially useful in the Summer months.

I have 2 reccomendations for this product!
Firstly, if you are visiting Japan be sure to grab a bottle from a vending machine as soon as you land (chances are there is a machine in the terminal's waiting room or in the nearest train station) this drink will really help with your jet lag and fatigue, and I am speaking entirely from experience here!
Secondly, these sachets are made to be mixed with 1.5l of water, if this is your first time trying the drink and you're worried about the flavour then mix it in a 2l bottle and that way you have room to add more water!

This month's box was graced with 2 drinks and Blendy Matcha is another favourite of mine, so I felt very spoiled to have such great items!

This matcha mix comes in little pods (similar to those you may get with a take out coffee or tea) and you simply add the contents of the pod to 150ml of milk and stir for a delicious matcha drink!
I often make mine with rice milk and it's so delightfully sweet, but I also recommend making it warm as well as pouring it on a shaved ice dessert. These little pods have so many possibilities!

Yakisoba (Fried soba noodles) are a staple festival food in Japan and is even popular during the Summer months. I was so happy to receive an instant version of these as they are sooooo delicious! The sauce and furikake was so good, it was definitely a great substitute for the real thing

These are Japan's most popular cookies, and with good reason! They really are some of the best cookies I've ever tried and this new crispy version still managed to melt in my mouth.
If you're a chocolate lover then I can't recommend these cookies enough, they are simply jam packed with chocolaty goodness and do wonders for cravings. I may have eaten these in one sitting.

Actual salted edamame peas are a lovely and light snack often served alongside beer and I was slightly disappointed to see that these are crackers apposed to actual roasted edamame. However, the flavours were absolutely spot on! If I didn't know otherwise, I would have thought I was eating the real thing. I am still in utter awe of how well they replicated the original snack!
The gorgeous festival themed packaging is also a huge bonus, it just filled me with joy

The first of this month's many character goods come in the form of Osomatsu gummies! Now, I have to admit that I am not a fan of the show (I tried but just couldn't get in to it) I know that this show and the characters are huge both in Japan and with fans across the world too. So seeing them pop up in a subscription box wasn't exactly surprising.

The flavour is lovely, if you're not a huge fan of purple grape candy then muscat/green grape could be the one for you, it's just a little bit less intense and tastes perhaps more "natural". Regardless, all grape is good grape for me, so even if I don't know the show I can still appreciate these gummies for being a top-notch candy!

This popcorn needs to win an award for being the worlds cutest packaging! I couldn't stop staring at it and all it's Pokemon details. They're hidden pretty much everywhere on the packet

The snack itself is another story though. The popcorn is butter with soy sauce and the Pikachu shapes are caramel. Now, I know I'm not a huge fan of mixing sweet and savoury anyway, but this just seemed very odd to me. Butter is a popcorn flavour that's common in America but not so much here, so had it just been butter I'd have felt ok with that, but... soy sauce??? Why??? Butter is already salted, I don't think it needed to be enhanced with anymore added to it.
It was edible, but I couldn't eat it without a very puzzled look on my face the entire time

As for the Pikachu pieces, these are puffed corn snacks with a crispy texture to the outer shell and a caramel flavour. They're ok on their own but as they've been rattled around with the popcorn, they've picked up a bit of their flavouring which makes the initial taste rather strange indeed.

Overall, I really don't know what to make of this popcorn

Now, in Japan purple packaging on a candy usually means grape, so when I saw this gum I didn't question what the flavour could be. Then I realised it was actually blueberry flavour! This really took me by surprise, I don't know how common this is of a flavour in Japan.

The gum itself has variations of flavour, the darker pieces are fruity blueberry and the lighter are sour blurberry, with the larger white pieces actually being a yogurt flavour. This makes for some great combinations and when mixed all together I was reminded of Calpis soda!

These Rilakkuma pretzels are like Pocky without the chocolate, which might sound lackluster but trust me, what they lack in chocolate they make up for in deliciousness! They're honey butter flavour and are just DELIGHTFUL, the sticks are crispy and melt away as you chew them and I just can't recommend these enough!

Pom Pom Purin is one of my favourite characters! I love his plump little butt so I was happy to see him grace this months Oyatsu Box

The lollypop was a lovely pudding flavour but was also a little bit too sweet and I was a little disappointed to see this product didn't contain a sticker, small character goods like this usually do, so it was actually rather surprising

This month's capsule toy is from Cup no Fuchiko Series 5

I only know this character through her cup figures, so I think it's safe to say that this is her thing and what she's famous for hah, and whilst it may seem kind of wacky I think it's a good pairing for a box that featured 2 drinks to have a funky figurine to play with whilst you're trying them out!

September's box will feature a Pokemon figure! I am eagerly awaiting the release of the game Pokemon Sun and Moon, so I am super excited to see Pokemon gracing OyatsuBox once more

What did you think of this months box?
Personally it gave me a huge craving to wander around a Japanese festival hehe

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