Sunday, 14 August 2016

Soaking with a Shiba

I've always loved taking baths, and whilst I'm a little too big to shimmy around and pretend to be a mermaid these days, I supposed a nice relaxing soak with a fun bath bomb is just as fine (●・ω・●)

When I saw the squishy Shiba Inu on the packaging I just fell in love ♥
and to makes things even better, there was a tiny Shiba figure hiding inside!

I've really taken a shine to Fentimans drinks lately, their fermented brewing is just perfection and this mikan scented bath bomb seemed like the perfect excuse to try a new complementing flavour of drink

I always recommend a super cold drink or even iced treat when taking a bath ♥

The bath bomb itself was super fizzy and created a lot of bubbles whilst turning the water a pleasant orange
Japanese bath bombs don't have the crazy rainbows and galaxies that you'd expect from Lush but they're still fun to watch in their own right, and let's face it, Lush don't have toys in their bath bombs so why bother? 
(I'm kidding I love Lush too lol)

After a while the shell broke apart to reveal a capsule inside!

and out was born my squishy, lazy Shiba ♥
I shall call him Fred

Fred has now joined a growing army of toys that I've unearthed from Japanese bath bombs

The bath itself was very relaxing and whilst the bubbles didn't last too long, the light scent of mikan was there pretty much the whole time and I felt like I was taking a nap inside of a warm orange (  ̄っ ̄)

I bought my Shiba Inu bath bomb from J-box ~(●´┏ε┓`●)

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