Saturday, 20 August 2016

ポテトチップスコーラ ★ Potato Chips Cola

It's been at least 11 years since I discovered and became obsessed with Japanese snacks, and sometimes I worry that it's got to a point where I have seen and tried everything before. So I am always happy to discover a new and ridiculous product being released in Japan.

This year Namco released a Potato Chips flavoured Cola drink in their arcade game centers and I was lucky enough to win a bottle from a giveaway hosted by Tokyo Treat

The flavour is supposed to replicate the taste of drinking cola after you've eaten a handful of salted potato chips, and whilst this isn't something I do often, I do have memories of drinking cola with a half chewed mouth of crisps when I was a kid haha. So I was a little worried about how this would turn out!

I told myself it would taste better if it had been in the fridge for a while, but I'm not sure if I was also putting off tasting it heh, though it turns out that I didn't need to worry or hesisitate!
The flavour was lighter than regular coke with a very slight hint of salt, and it was actually really delicious!
I often find regular cola drinks to be heavy and (TMI incoming) it makes my saliva thick and mouth feel gross BUT there wasn't any of that with this cola drink. It was a pleasure to drink ♥

I am always to happy to pleasantly surprised by these kinds of products
It's just a shame that they're almost always Limited Edition and hard to come by, as I want more!

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