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OYATSU BOX: July 2016 *

 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hello everyone!
It's time to venture into the latest Oyatsu Box

July's box was a special dagashi edition!

Dagashi is the name given to snacks in Japan that are affordable and aimed at children
As such, many snacks have colourful packaging and sometimes fun gimmicks/features
Plenty are also long standing and have been sold in Japan for generations!

This post is super picture heavy, so be sure to grab a drink and a snack before reading on ♪
If you'd prefer to read a quick run down of the snacks check out my Oyatsu Box blog post

This crunchy corn stick is a very famous dagashi and one of my favourites
If people want to try a savoury Japanese snack, I will always recommend the many Umaibo to them

The pizza flavour is super cheesy with hints of a spicy meat topping
If you were ever craving pizza whilst on a diet or budget, this would be a great substitute!


I was surprised to see the packaging boast of being free of so many allergens
Though I guess it's a relief to know that there is no crab inside my candy haha
I think most people will be taken in and focus on the adorable mascots though!

These classic ramune candies have a fruity flavour and melt in the mouth
However I do find them a little on the bland side and also rather chalky


This product was new to me, which is always very exciting o(〃∇〃) o 
In my 10+ years of scoffing Japanese candy I was starting to fear I'd seen/tried them all
So it's always wonderful to be surprised

The cookie is in the shape of a fancy Royal Crown with a gooey chocolate filling!
The filling took me by surprise as it wasn't on the packaging or in the Oyatsu Box leaflet
But I sure as heck ain't complaining because this was DELICIOUS


Grape flavoured popping candy with added sour ramune candy
This thing is a party in your mouth for sure!


Double Umaibo products? I'm happy
Takoyaki flavoured Umaibo product? I have died and gone to heaven

Takoyaki is one of my favourite Japanese foods 
and so it is naturally one of my favourite snack flavours also

The snacks themselves are corn puff rings and octopi... so cute ♥
They taste exactly like the takoyaki umaibo sticks and have the same texture too


Whilst labelled in the Oyatsu Box leaflet as "senbei"
This product is actually called "fried potato"
So I'm not 100% sure if this is a rice cracker or a large potato chip
Especially as the texture is somewhere inbetween

Regardless, these things are so FREAKING YUMMY
They are so heavenly and wonderfully seasoned, just a joy to eat
Easily one of my top dagashi recommendations!


After so many delicious snacks it sure was time for a drink 
and luckily Oytasu Box has us covered here
Simply mix the powder into 120cc/ml of water to create a fruity drink

This smelled like a delicious strawberry milkshake
Something I realised I haven't had in a very long time
and to be honest, I expected it to taste terrible
So I was pleasantly surprised by it's sweet and juicy flavour


One of my all time favourite snacks ♥
I first sampled these dry pieces of ramen over 10 years ago 
when my Japanese penpal sent me some in the post
They've had a special place in my heart ever since 
and I was very happy to see them in this dagashi box ♥

This is the original chicken flavour which is super rich and delicious
I'm just sad it was the mini size because I could eat these forever!


Another favourite of mine, which I actually discovered through a snack subscription box

The best part about these coffee cereal puffs is that you can literally eat them as a cereal with milk
As delicious as they are on their own, I totally recommend trying them out this way
Combine your morning coffee with your breakfast!


This was another product I'd never seen before
Whilst I've had mochi and even kinako covered mochi, this was almost a DIY kit
With sachets of mochi jelly and powder ready to be mixed together

Dagashi culture paved the way for DIY candy kits for sure
at it's heart/core dagashi should be inexpensive but also as fun and long lasting as possible
This snack definitely takes on these beliefs as do many modern day candy kits ♪

The mochi itself was very interesting as it was in a jelly sachet
This made it's surface very wet and easy to coat in the kinako powder
But it did make the texture very soft and a little less chewy compared to more traditional mochi

Regardless I very much enjoy the nutty taste of kinako and so this snack was very nice!


Chocobi is a snack I am familiar with due to my combined love of snacks and Shin-chan
But I have never before seen this in Watermelon flavour!

Watermelon is a popular treat and flavour during Jspan's super hot summers
So as shocking as the new flavour may be, it also makes a lot of sense

This edition also comes with 1 of 20 stickers themed after a different country

Inside the pink star shapes smelled very much of artificial watermelon flavouring
They were very sweet, maybe too sweet
I'm very torn on these because the flavour isn't disgusting but it's also not very enjoyable?
I suppose they're just a middle tier snack for me


These colourful ramune treats are also a fun way to tell your fortune!
Select a topic and pop out it's corresponding candy to reveal your destiny

X = Terrible luck
△ = Medium luck
○ = Good luck
◎ = Very good luck!

I'm not sure if the layout of each packet is the same but from order of left to right, going down the rows
Here are my fortune topics and the fortune I recevied~

ひらめき (Insight) ○  ~ おしゃれ (Fashion) ◎ ~ しゅみ (Hobby) ◎
あそび (Play) X ~ がっこう (School) ◎ ~ スポーツ (Sports) ◎
おこづかい (Pocket Money) ◎ ~ わがまま (Selfishness) ○ ~ れない (Restoration) △
ショッピング (Shopping) ◎  ~ じゅく (Cram School) △ ~ おしゃべり (Chitchat) X
がまん (Patience) X ~ おでかけ (Outside/Trip) X ~ イメチェン (Image Change) ◎
ゲーム (Games) ◎ ~ デート (Date) △ ~ うんめい (Fate/Destiny) X

I got fairly good luck over all, but I'm a little concernced for my destiny

The candy itself is lovely with a tangy ramune soda flavour


Oh no, wasabi!!!
I hate wasabi with a passion as firey as the food itself haha

I was hoping the cod roe base and seaweed could help counteract the wasabi 
but sadly that was not the case and the spicy green monster flooded my mouth!!
I couldn't eat more than a bite of this sadly and had to throw it away


This yummy gum has been in production in Japan since 1948
They may be the smallest item in this months Oyatsu box 
but they sure are flavourful and with a hint of freshness


Another Umaibo product but this time with a premium twist 
Along with a sophisticated flavour of steak and... wasabi sauce
Gosh darn it haha

I found the wasabi to be a little over powering at first but thankfully it faded
and I was able to enjoy the subtle taste of peppered steak
Though I think I will stick to the "kids" version in the future 


One of the first modern day candy kits which are now infamous online!
Mix the powder with scoops of water to create a thick and fizzy ramune paste that changes colour
Then scoop it up with a spoon and dip it into the ramune candy pieces

I'm really not a fan of the texture of this kit, so I didn't make this one and instead put it in my stash


Dip the lolly into the sherbet for a fizzy cola experience
This kind of candy was popular in the UK when I was a kid too!
It was cool to have a 懐かしい feeling from dagashi in my own way


A stick of soft and chewy ramune candy
This taffy style of candy is one of my favourites and I love having it combined with Japanese flavours

The flavour was really nice and authentic to ramune soda
It's super chewy too making eat bite feel like it lasts forever!


Dorayaki is one of my favourite Japanese desserts so I was filled with glee to see these miniatures 

Each mini pancake acts as a sandwich to a thick chocolate filling
The flavours are mild but the chocolate is still wonderful and adds a lovely texture too
I could totally eat a full size version of these.... maybe even 10 hehe


Ramune capsule candies in a Japanese medicine style packet
The idea of a candy being pharmacy themed may seem strange
But think about it, how many kids play doctor?? 
It makes perfect sense to create a dagashi for them to enjoy whilst doing so

My packaging was for "Beauty pheremones" ...o....k.... haha

I supposed they're pills to make you beautiful? 
Where can I get these irl?


Monja is known as the Tokyo area version of popular food Okonomiyaki
This dagashi version contains baby star noodles and can easily be made at home with a kettle 
(or if like me you break your kettle when making this, a pan of boiled water lol)
apposed to needing a bunch of ingredients and a large hot skillet to grill on

I've had this snack before, surprisingly from an Oyatsu Box!
I remember it very fondly and enjoyed it so much, I was super happy to be reunited ♥

Whilst it may seem like Ramen, the results are so much more saucy 
The flavours are rich and wonderful, the chickin baby star goes so well with the monja sauce
and I guess if you wanted more noodles, you can always add in the other packet of Babystar heh

Seriously though, these are one of my all time favourite snacks and I can't recommend them enough!
My mouth was watering almost to he point of drool whilst I was taking these photos


I was a little sad to see that this months toy didn't fit the box's dagashi theme
I would have loved for it to be related to food or even the Dagashi Kasi anime series!
Though I guess you can't really go wrong with Pokemon
and whilst I do like Mega Glalie
I am very envoius of those who received Mega Gengar or Magearna in their boxes!

With convention season in full swing I think this badge would be great for decorating your passes


So that's all for this month! *phew*
It sure was a jam packed box

There's plenty of both sweet and savoury flavours here with a mix of long time historic candies mixed with newer additions to the dagashi family line
Even with all of this variety, the Oyatsu Box barely scratches the surface of the world of dagashi
I hope it can inspire you to try more in the future and explore it's deep history

The August box is also looking promising as it features 2 of my favourite drinks!
If you're new to Oyatsu Box then sign up here to save $3 on your first box

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