Saturday, 2 July 2016

NENDOROID: Isabelle Summer Ver.

It's no secret that I love Nendoroid figures
So seeing them combined with one of my favourite game series is just perfection
and having missed the Summer Isabelle during her initial release
I was ecstatic to see her be approved for a re-release ヾ(。´┏з┓`)ノ

 My Winter Isabelle sure was excited to have a friend too 

 Here are all of her parts, if you've played New Leaf then chances are these are rather familiar to you
as they allow you to pose her in the style of some emotions often seen in the game series

She's even cute just out of the box without accessories!

There's a couple of features about this Nendoroid that I totally adore
The first of which are her tiny bells, which are in fact real and jingle!

Next time you play New Leaf and ask Isabelle for help with a Public Work Project
Be sure to keep your ears peeled, you can hear that she jingles as she walks ♥

Another detail that I love is her adorable uniform and dainty bow ♥

Now let's try out some of her accessories~ 

Naturally, she comes with her signature clipboard and pen
This is a post and accessory combo seen often in her merchandise
Because of that I actually own 3 other figures of her in the pose
and I'm very glad that the Nendoroid offers me the chance to switch her up

The singing pose and accessories are easily my favourite ♪
Such a joyful little face and adorable music notes

Lastly her questioning pose, which may seem odd but it's actually an emotion
that Isabelle uses often in New Leaf as she ponders your requests

Though do be sure to attach the Question mark piece away from the figure
I didn't and now I've left a mark on Isabelle's head... oops!

Now, as you know, I own the Winter edition of this Nendoroid too
Having both is cool as they can easily share the same face parts to swap expressions
But, the Winter version also came with extra arm pieces which allow you to mix the accessories too!

Being able to combine their parts is just another reason to love these figures ♥

I bought my Summer Isabelle from AmiAmi
She is also available at Tokyo Otaku Mode (click here to save $5)

Winter Isabelle is no longer available for purchase

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