Friday, 8 July 2016

だがしかし ★ Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi is an amazing anime and manga series all about Japanese snacks
So of course, I am absolutely head over heels in love with it
and my mind just about exploded when I saw these official collaboration snacks!

This collaboration a piece of marketing genius too
It's advertised as a collab between Oyatsu Company (maker of the snacks) 
and Shidare Company (the fictional snack company from the series)

I can imagine this collab would make Hotaru very happy
So it's only right that she takes right of place on the packaging ~(●´┏ε┓`●)

First up is the Coconut Curry Baby Star Ramen
The flavour too is a nod to the series as there is a character called Coconuts!
I thought this was a super nice touch

Baby Star Ramen are a famous Dagashi that were made from broken ramen pieces 
during the production of things such as cup noodles
The pieces are then flavoured and sold as a handy (and delicious) snack

Now, these smelled so delicious that I started munching away before I even took a photo
A wonderful blend of mild spices and thankfully not too much coconut (which might sound silly lol)
They were so good, I can hardly put it into words!

I was surprised to see Hotaru as herself on the packaging though
Baby Star have a mascot who is known for dressing up to match the flavours they create
and I thought we would have seen them dressed as Hotaru opposed to the character herself

Butmen thankfully heard my thoughts and had their mascot dressed in Hotaru cosplay
Who knew a pig could be so cute?

 Though Hotaru herself appears on the lid of the cup

 Now, I have to say that the flavour of this Butamen cup noodle did worry me
That's because it's Mentai Mayo aka/ Spicy fish egg mayonnaise

This isn't really a flavour common in the UK, but it's pretty popular in Japan
I know for sure that it often appears in the form of a pasta dish in restaurants

Surprisingly there was no strong smell to this product though
I was expecting a lot of spice and fish, but I couldn't make anything out

Even after simmering, there was still little smell
So I decided to take a sip of the broth and woah! 
It sure had a kick!!

I wouldn't say it was very fishy and I couldn't really make out any mayonnaise
but it was still very delicious and it made me wonder if I'm ready for the real thing one day

I really enjoyed both of these snacks, it's always nice when a collaboration delivers!
Though I am a little disappointed that there was no stickers or something to collect
that would have just been the icing on the cake... or the fish eggs on the ramen?

Both Dagashi Kashi collaboration snacks are available from Oyatsu Cafe

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