Friday, 10 June 2016

朝ご飯ポテトチップス ★ Breakfast Potato Chips

Recently, Japanese potato chip giants Koikeya have taken on the world of Breakfasts
Their first dip in to the market was with Banana and Peach flavoured crisps
and this time they've come back with a wider selection of breakfast flavoured snacks

As a lover of gimmicks, Japanese oddities and crisps
I obviously had to jump at the chance to try these!  ヽ(*゜▽゜*)ノ 
Though there was one problem... I'm both allergic to apples and lactose intolerant hahaha

 The first offering is Apple flavour
These seemed the least scary of the bunch in a sense, as dried/crisp apples are already available
and I imagined that these wouldn't be too dissimilar, just maybe with some added potato

 The packaging is super cute with a fruit basket design in the background
But I was pretty scared when I turned the pack over and spotted an image of them covered in cinnamon
Thankfully this is just a simple recipe idea and there was no cinnamon in the ingredients
(Though whilst double checking, I did see cheese powder in the list... what?!)

 On opening there was a mild sweet smell, but nothing compared to the cake crisps!

I was right in thinking these would be the mildest of the bunch, however they were shockingly mild
The apple was only present as a very light and artificial sweetness
If you're looking for an interesting and low-guilt breakfast, you'd be better with dried apples

I can also say, I didn't taste anything close to cheese power lol

 Up next we have Toast flavour
and to be honest, I was really looking forward to trying these!
I love toast and bread and potatoes and butter and just GIVE ME CARBS

 I was also please to see the recipe idea was similar to nachos in the form of "pizza toast"
10/10 approval from me!

When opening I was surprised by their sweetness, then I remembered...
Japan loves their sweet breads!
The idea of buttered toast there is much different than the one we have here in the UK
I was flooded memories of sweet bread stores in Osaka that I struggled to walk past because of the smell

I am not a fan of sweet breads what so ever
These crisps suddenly filled me with dread

Their taste had an air of familiarity to them, but it wasn't something associated with their smell
I sat and contemplated every bite and then it hit me...
They taste like something from Burger King!

How they taste potentially like a cheese burger, I have no idea
but there's just something so similar about them
Maybe it's their bread buns? Maybe the fries?

I am still totally mind boggled by these, they just do not make sense
and I don't know how they can smell and taste so drastically different
But sadly, they were not the salty and buttery flavour I was hoping for
You can't beat a real slice of toast ♥

 I saved milk for last as it's the one I expected to be the grossest lol
Lactose intolerance aside, I just don't like the taste of milk at all. Ew.

The packaging is the most eye catching of the group for sure
I think the natural colours of the apple and toast would make them blend in
But this in your face cow print is something not to be missed 
and would definitely confuse passers by in the supermarket or konbini!

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the recipe was for a banana parfait
It just seemed so alien to be putting what is essentially a potato into a dessert

It reminded me of that episode of Friends where Rachael makes the trifle (≧∪≦)

I expected these to smell horrific
But thankfully they didn't smell bad at all, strange, but nothing disgusting

The taste too, was very mild, as I chewed I can't say I there was too much flavour
But the aftertaste was like a potato milkshake!!

I guess if you wanted the same effect at home
You could eat some plain/salted crisps and then down a pint of milk
I think that would replicate the aftertaste quite well haha

Over all, none of these crisps were disgusting, they were all perfectly edible
I guess that whilst the company wants to shock people with these crazy flavours
they of course wouldn't want them to be too gross or else there could be a backlash
(returned products, complaints, terrible reviews etc all of which would tarnish their reputation)
So it makes sense that they wouldn't purposely make them vile!

I wouldn't rush to buy these flavours again but I will definitely be trying any future experiments

I bought my Potato Chips from J-box for $1.50 per pack

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