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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hey everyone!
Welcome to Snapshot Sunday
A bi-weekly installment of photos from my phone
These posts may not always be fulfilling content-wise
But I hope you enjoy them none-the-less ♥

I recently finished my stash, so these arrived just in time

So, I feel like I'm having a little bit of a blogger crisis at the moment
I'll be touching on it through out this post, and I would genuinely appreciate any thoughts you have ♥

For the most part, I keep questioning "should I have blogged that/should I blog that?"
and it applies to the bath bombs above
Do people want to see posts about bath bombs?
These aren't super fancy Lush bath bombs that will swirl a rainbow of colours
So they might be pretty boring?
and I think the bottom two are sold out now
Do people want to see blogs about products they can't even buy??

 I visited the Asian Food market in town and came out with everything but the thing I went in for hah
Those Pizza crisps are some of my all time favourites, they have real cheese melted on them
and I was also surprised to find curry bread in store!
I still haven't tried an authentic Japanese Kare Pan, so this is the next best thing for me
and of course a matcha bubble tea and some Pocky ♥

 I managed to find Yokai Watch 2 super cheap on eBay
After playing the English version of Yokai Watch I felt a little more confident playing it in Japanese
as I understand most of the games mechanics etc
But whilst I can pick up bits and pieces of dialogue, I'm lost in translation for the most part!

I didn't want to clog this post with Yokai Watch pictures, so be sure to check my gaming blog
if you're interested in seeing some of my adventures and what the second game has to offer

 On the subject of games, did you know that Japan has a different cartridge design for New Leaf?

Last week was spent mostly cleaning as Rhi was coming to visit!
She arrived on Friday the 13th, eek

That night we made a Slimming World "Ramen" recipe
It wasn't authentic at all, but it was still pretty nice and it was freezable too
So I still have a bunch of it left over hehe

On the Saturday we ventured in to Ilkley
I felt like Rhi would like it there as it's rather pretty
but I also happened to find a Vegan cafe there and I knew she'd love it!

 Anything with a "V" was vegan
But other dishes could have the cheese substituted for a vegan option
and there was also gluten free options available!

I really fancied one of their smoothies but was worried that it would auto-include bananas
So I asked the waitress and she said they were banana free
Turns out she was allergic to banana too, so we had a little gush of excitement over this haha

 For starters we shared a Veggie Mezze
I believe this changes from time to time (maybe even daily) via the specials board
but the sound of the dips and falafel wontons just lured us in!

It was sooooo delicious!

 For our mains we both chose a burger with vegan cheese
this also came with a mango chutney and hummus... we're all about that hummus life!

I can't recommend this place enough, it was super yummy and the cafe itself is wonderful
I regret not being a foodie blogger and taking pictures of the place (hello to another blogger problem)

 Whilst wandering around Ilkley and checking out all the charity shop treasure
We stopped by WH Smiths and felt up some Disney blind bags
I was really hoping for Ursula and was sure I could feel her tentacles
but it was somehow Minnie Mouse?! Hahaha

I did successfully identify a Captain Hook for Rhi though, so my skills weren't lost!

 Betty's Tea Room had these adorable Corgi biscuits!!

We wandered around Ilkley a little more and sat in a small park for a while
then decided to venture to Leeds to grab some sushi to eat later at home
(as we were still pretty stuffed from the Veggie Cafe!!)

When we got home we watched a little bit of the Eurovision and then Deadpool, lol

 On Sunday we thought about going in to Bradford
But the trains were super lame and 2 hours apart, so we just stayed in Saltaire~

I showed her my neighbour's seaside garden!
It's pretty amazing and the more you look at it, the more you notice

We went for a walk around the park and I showed her my old apartment building too
It's still suffering flood damage and the ground floor is stripped back to it's concrete
You could also see a water line on the wall outside showing how deep the water was!

 There was a few baby geese!  ♥
I thought these would make the adults even more violent haha, but they didn't attack us thankfully
 A bit of the local language for you all (^_-)☆wink
Can you understand it?

The guy in the picture is Sir Titus Salt, who built the entire village for his Mill workers
He didn't allow pubs in his village, but now we have one and it's aptly named
"Don't Tell Titus"

 We stopped here for lunch as we saw hummus toasties on the menu haha

After this we wandered around Salts Mill ♥
There was so many interesting books and art pieces

 In the village you will often see bricked up windows
This is because there used to be a Window Tax!

Another blogger pain, would anyone be interested in a post about Saltaire?
It's full of interesting bits and pieces and I think it would really challenge my photography skills
I also feel like I'd regret not making one if I was to ever move away from here
(well, hopefully I will only be here for 5 or so years...)

On Monday Rhi had to return to the South  ( ̄へ ̄)
and I've spent the past week being pretty depressed about that 

 Thankfully when I was in Betty's I bought macarons to ease the pain

 Bella misses Rhi too!!
We've pretty much just been laid down this week, feeling sorry for ourselves

(*´д`*)~З *siiiiigghhh*

To make things a little less depressing
Here's some cute things with pastel filters ヽ(●´з`)ノ

 My new "gamer girl" phone case from Magic Circle
I just totally fell in love with this print and knew it would suit my rose gold phone ♥

 Rilakkuma "Tsum Tsum" plushies from J-box
These are so cute and super soft! I can't stop petting them

But... once again I wonder if I should have given these things dedicated posts?
Agh. I am just so muddled up with all of this blogging business lately
You'd never guess I'd been doing this for years would you? Haha

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