Sunday, 8 May 2016


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hey everyone!
Welcome to Snapshot Sunday
A bi-weekly installment of photos from my phone
These posts may not always be fulfilling content-wise
But I hope you enjoy them none-the-less ♥

Using the face masks that Emma bought me and some Eren bath salts

 and on that day, mankind received a grim reminder

 The weather has been ridiculous this past week or so in the UK
It's like we've had every forecast possible within minutes of each other
It's supposed to be Spring!!!

 Fresh hair ♥
I'm trying to make sure I have my hair done more often
I was getting in to a bad habit of leaving it a long time and honestly it made me depressed lol

 Kanji study books, a Sailor Mercury spoon and Daruma from J-box!

It's kind of hard to talk about openly, but I'm trying to build up a whole new schedule for my life atm
Right now I'm trying to work on my sleeping pattern and morning routine, plus exercise
The next phase will be to add studying to my regime, so I'm stocking up on supplies

 Matcha milk tea from MooBoo
I drank it all before I could take a picture because I was super thirsty and it was delicious!
If you have a local MooBoo be sure to check them out
They use non-dairy milks in their teas too ♥

 Ridiculously cute Star Wars PJ's from Primark!

 I made my bed and realised that with the leopard, it looked pretty pimping...

 But then I added my cushions hahaha

 I discovered Watchmen on my Kindle and have zero recollection of purchasing it haha
It's been a long time since I've read it so I'm not complaining
However right now I'm reading "No Easy Answers" by Brooks Brown
Who is a survivor of the Columbine shooting, and I just find it all super facsinating!

I kind of remember when the shooting happened but what always stood out to me was
that it was blamed on rock music and violent games
and since I was into both of those things, I guess that's why I got lectured about it a lot haha

 Bella sits in the best positions
She was also sitting with my mum, I think trying to make me jealous lol
We sent this photo to her original owner and ended up on FaceTime with her!
Bella still recognised their voices and was staring at the phone, it was so interesting to watch
Though I am slightly paranoid this means she doesn't love me haha

It's also been a whole year since Bella came in to my life!! ♥

 My parents helped with a bunch of DIY which means I finally have my bow board back!
We also hung things like my mirror and a collage photo frame for my Japan pictures

I've been thinking about doing some kind of house tour video???
I'm not sure!

 Sitting by the door with Bella to soak up some sun shine

I had a visit from the Gas man this day and he was accompanied by my landlord
(I didn't even realise it was him, he uses an agency so we've never met haha)

He was asking about all my figures and stuff, he seemed pretty interested to be honest
and also mentioned a BBC documentary about BabyMetal that I should check out hah

 Delivery from Oyatsu Cafe!
Featuring the Pokemon curry that I posted yesterday (check it out!)
 Part of my Grandad's crazy garden!!
I have a feeling that collecting stuff just runs in the family hehe

 Buttons being a cool dude 


 I was catching up with KizNaiver and noticed this amazing face
Background Anime characters are always the best haha
Look at that arm too!!! hahahaha

 Me, trying to flirt

and finally....

cosplaying as my Poodle in MiiTomo!

That's all for this time ♪
My bestie Rhi is coming to visit next weekend
So hopefully I will have a lot of fun things to include in the next installment ♥

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