Tuesday, 24 May 2016

NENDOROID: Fire Emblem Marth

 (┏◎_◎)┏  *heavy breathing*

The moment Marth's Nendoroid was announced last year
I just knew I needed him in my collection!

I discovered Marth via Super Smash Bros Melee
(and I'm now realising how long ago that day actually was)
I was playing for the first time and I was like "Who's that guy?!"
My friend said she knew I'd like him because he was "pretty and spoke in Japanese"
...she was right haha

and so Marth became my Smash main... as well as my husband (⌒▽⌒;)

Figure boxes aren't always the easiest to photograph
But I always try!

Marth's box was kind of small compared to others
This comes down to most of his accessories being extra hands for holding his swords

 One of his larger accessories is his pretty shield
Now... I do only know Marth through Smash (;゜д゜)
So if this holds any significance then it's sadly lost on me
But I do love it's detailing and colours!

 Marth is ridiculously articulated, it's almost scary
I've never had a Nendoroid with movable ankles before!!

 Even his damn shield has damn articulation haha
As does his clothing (to help with dynamic posing)
and of course his cape so that he is easier to affix to his stand

 This battle pose is probably my favourite and is the first of which I will have him displayed in
I wanted to take advantage of using that shield and what I think is the best of his swords

 I tried to mimic his amiibo figure pose!
Sadly it put his elbow in a bit of an ugly position and showed off the joint
But it was still fun to try out and as much as I love the amiibo, his Nendoroid is much cuter ♥

These days, I don't play as much Smash as I used to

Online play is all well and good, but nothing will beat playing with your friends in real life

Especially when you're winning!! ヾ(。´┏з┓`)ノ

I bought my Marth Nendoroid direct from Good Smile Company
As with all of their figures, his release was limited and so he isn't available there anymore
However you can still find him for sale on AmiAmi and Tokyo Otaku Mode
(Both of which are trust worthy sellers of Nendoroids and other figures!)

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