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 (」゜ロ゜)」<<< FINALLY!
Yokai Watch is gracing the shores of Europe after what seems like a life time
This blockbuster hit from Japan released in America and even PAL region Australia last year
and now it's our turn to take on Yokai Watch fever, bring it on!

So if you've heard of Yokai Watch, you will know about it's popularity in Japan
and you've also probably been told "it's like Pokemon"
But how true is that statement?

Well, in terms of the game itself, it bares similarities in being a monster collection/fighting RPG
Much like Pokemon you befriend Yokai and battle them against other Yokai
The difference being you are a stand alone human in this Yokai realm
apposed to Pokemon which is it's own universe filled with Trainers and Gym battles

In Pokemon you're main aim is usually to defeat some bad guys and go on to the Pokemon league
Everyone in the world knows about Pokemon and 'owns' them in some way or another

In Yokai Watch, only you can see the Yokai with the use of your Watch
They're invisible to almost everyone else in the world and your aim is to protect others
Whilst also solving mysteries of the Yokais' own world

So yes, the game does have minor similarities to Pokemon, but be sure to head in to this game
expecting a whole new universe, with new lore and of course a brand new adventure!

In my opinion the comparisons of Yokai and Pokemon stem purely from it's popularity
Pokemon has gone nearly 20 years without any other franchise coming close to knocking it down
But in Japan, Yokai Watch was able to do just that! Becoming a fierce rival in the market

One of my favourite examples of the Yokai power in Japan comes from McDonalds
From it's inception, Pokemon has released a calendar through McDonalds every year
That was until 2014, when McDonalds revealed their next calendar would be Yokai
(You can see it in the back ground of my photo! I was lucky enough to be in Japan during it's release)

Now that may seem like such a small detail
But Pokemon had a reign on this niche without competition for almost 18 years!
Yokai Watch came in like a wrecking ball
and trust me, they would appreciate that terrible joke...

So, comparisons aside. Let's talk about the Yokai Watch game itself
You take the role of either Nate or Katie (you can change their name) during Summer Break
and whilst looking for bugs (a popular Summer hobby for children in Japan)
You discover a strange looking capsule machine where you inadvertently release Whisper
A Yokai butler who is here to guide you in the world of Yokai!

Yokai are best compared to spirits who are responsible for a lot of going ons in the human world
Feeling ridiculously hungry? That'll be Hungramps!
Exceptionally bad luck? That'll be Buhu!

But something suspicious is happening in the world of Yokai
and it seems like they might just need your help!

You'll be given objectives through out the game to help those who have been inspirited by Yokai
and even come across some special requests such as retrieving underwear to upgrade your watch...

One of the major criticisms of Yokai Watch stems from it's battle system
This is because for the most part, it's automated and requires little input except for special attacks
However, as the game goes on and your enemies become tougher
You will appreciate a lack of turn based fighting like that seen in Pokemon

It keeps you on your feet, you have to think carefully about the best items to use
whether they be to boost your stats or just keep your Yokai fighting fit!
I know I really appreciated my Yokai's efforts in boss battles
when I was scrambling behind the scenes just trying to keep everyone in top condition

Yokai themselves are not an unfamiliar concept in Japan and whilst some where designed for the game

Many of them come from Japanese folklore
A notable example is definitely the adorable Walkappa who is based on the legendary Kappa
In Japan, Kappa's are a folklore/cautionary tale used to keep children away from rivers
It's believed that they will lure children to the water and then pull them in! Yikes!
Thankfully Walkappa is a little more friendly, and goofy

I love the attention to detail in many parts of this game, and for Walkappa in particular
as a key feature of the Kappa is the bowl on their head which must be kept wet
Which results in Walkappa carrying a flask of water with him at all times!

I do feel like I'm going off on a bit of a tangent here!
There is just so much to talk about, but I guess you should just experience it for yourself heh
So I will say that if you are on the fence about Yokai Watch then do be sure to check it out
It's just such an incredibly charming game that's worthy of it's success in Japan

I challenge anyone not to fall in love with this game and it's colourful characters ♥
It's just such a wonderful world to get sucked in to, I often just find myself wandering around
taking in all the gorgeous details and talking to hilarious NPC's!

Yokai Watch is available from today!
There's also a demo available in the eShop

ジバニャン!  ( ◉ㅅ◉ )

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