Saturday, 23 April 2016

Through the clip on lens

A couple of months ago by friend Rhi sent me a box of gifts
Among them was this little kit of clip on lenses for my phone (●・ω・●)

The kit includes 3 lenses: Fish eye, wide angle and macro
I've always loved fish eye and macro photography so this made me super happy!!
But I was curious as to how well they could function

Included in the kit is also some lens covers to keep them safe from scratches
along with a little dust bag, both of which are perfect as you'll want to carry these around!

The lenses all feel like decent quality, I was expecting cheap plastics but they're metallic and glass
They can be stacked and screwed in to each other too for easier storage

The lenses themselves screw in to the clip which you then attach to your phone
It has rubber inserts, so don't worry about it scratching up your device!

They're pretty easy to align as you can see your camera through the glass
and once attached just open your camera to adjust further and make sure the lens is sitting straight

The kit is very compact, fitting into a little drawstring bag which can easily be put in your pocket
and it's handy size means it's super easy to carry with you anywhere!

As for the lenses themselves, here's a few examples I took in my local park ~

Without and with the Wide Angle lens
It looks very fish eye to me, but I assure you it's the right lens lol
This lens was kind of strange because it wouldn't sit in the clip by itself
So I had to combine it with the Macro lens and it just seemed like such a conflicting combination lol

Without and with the Macro lens
Yeeessss, I just love Macro photo's so much haha
I am really impressed with how well this lens works for such an inexpensive kit!
I couldn't believe the details it picked up, check out that pollen
 Fisheye lens
I was hoping to get a frontal picture of Bella for this but she didn't co-operate!
Either way this is such a cute lens and can produce plenty of cute photo's

Over all a great little kit and a lot of fun!
I was really surprised with the quality of this kit, it blew me away
Such great value too, especially as lenses like this for my actual camera
would be around £500 each (;゜ロ゜)

I know Rhi bought this from New Look, but I don't think it's available anymore
I had a look on eBay and there's a lot of similar products available  ♪

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