Sunday, 10 April 2016

Snapshot Sunday

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hey everyone!
Welcome to Snapshot Sunday
A weekly installment of photo's from my phone
These posts may not always be fulfilling content-wise
But I hope you enjoy them none-the-less ♥

 Aww yeah, Hyrule Warriors and Krispy Kreme!
Though I'm having some weird first world pains with this game
I've been excited for it's release for a long time, and now it's here
I'm just like "OK" and I don't feel like playing it??? I dunno, so weird

 Goodies from Jbox!
I'll be reviewing some of it on here soon

 The day I got Hyrule Warriors is the also the day I finished Yokai Watch!
This game isn't out here yet, but it came out in Australia and they use the same region
So I imported it lol
I am worried about not showing support for it's EU release though!
I'm not sure if I should sell this copy and buy one when it comes out here?
It would mean playing the game again but it's so charming, I don't think I'd mind

 I used my last Golden Wonder bath bomb
Now I have to wait until Christmas to buy more #firstworldpains

I made a Bento DIY Candy Kit with hilarious results
and of course it tasted super gross too
I really am so done with these kits... well...
 I made this ramen and gyoza kit too
The ramen was fun to make but tasted pretty gross
The gyoza though weren't too bad! I was really surprised

I think this will be my go-to kit for recommendations from now on

 Filming my last Amiibo Card video!
Despite having 3 of 4 series complete I decided to stop collecting the cards
They were sitting in a binder not doing anything and I thought about a future main game
and how if they were used in that game, I'm still not about to use the fugly characters anytime soon

So, I decided to just keep/collect the characters I love
and I've been in far too much turmoil over this, it's ridiculous
Especially as it's actually cheaper to carry on collecting the cards how I was 
and agh, so frustrating, but I've already sold on a chunk of my collection now
I don't know lol
It's driving me insane, I blame my Aspergers 100% for this lol

 Super cool Kabuki packaging for matcha latte~

 After tidying my living room and washing all the cushion covers
My Poodle promptly flopped onto them!

Plushie shelves in my office
I'm running out of space!

 View from my office featuring laundry lol

 Chicken curry with spinach and mushrooms!
This is actually a ready meal by Slimming World
I'll probably blog about them in the future ~
Trying to choose between weeb bath salts!
I'm kind of worried to use the Eren salts as it's apple scented and I'm allergic lol
I also know it will turn my water red, so I went with Miku on the presumption that it would be white...

 It was actually brown and looked like I pooped my bath!! AGH
When I first poured it in there was some dark green streaks too
In the end it faded into a dusty pink, but not what I expected at all haha

 When I was getting ready, Bella managed to sneak upstairs
She became a giant wrinkle!

 I went out for lunch with my mum and ordered an XXL Burger
Later I discovered this beast is almost 2,000 calories and I wanted to cry lol

 I also had a brownie in a mug!
Such a funky mug too, it looks like a crushed tin can but it was porcelain

 I bought some prints of my photo's from Japan to finally fill this frame!
I got the frame the day I moved in to my house and it's been empty this whole time
Now I just need to convince my dad to hang it for me
The walls here are super thick concrete so they're a pain in the ass to drill or hammer in to hah

 Yesterday I had a film binge day
We started with Star Wars The Force Awakens
God damn I love that film, I can't wait for more in this story arc!

 It looks like I'm drinking normal tea
But it's actually Mont Blanc flavour hehe

 We had a little bit of sunshine for once today, so Bella was sure to soak it up
I did wish I had my garden bench set up so I could join her!
Hopefully we can make my gardens a little nicer this Summer, they're a bit shabby

 It got to 4pm today before I realised all I had eaten was these Disney chocolates lol
and as I write this post I am resisting the urge to order nachos

In other/app related news!

 I've never felt so ignored!

 Despite being ignored, I saved up for the new Sweets design
I loved all the new cute items but they didn't match my Japanese house
 MiiTomo has been released worldwide!
Though I get the feeling a lot of people are already bored with it lol

Check out ancient Instagram!!
This was in my Facebook "memories" thing recently
I was kind of worried recently about how many of my pictures on Instagram
are just of stuff in my house, snacks or pets
But it looks like that's pretty much all I've ever posted haha

I worry about these posts too, because they reveal how much of a hermit I am hah
I'm trying to get in to some better routines at the moment
I guess it will just take some time~

"The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead"

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