Thursday, 14 April 2016

Sakura Pepsi

Spring in Japan can only mean one thing... SAKURA ALL THE THINGS
Since many people take part in Hanami (flower viewing picnics/parties)
It's only natural that companies want to get in on the action with limited Sakura goods

This year Pepsi released a pink Sakura soda, which took the internet by storm
Because it just looks so damn "anime" haha
and I myself couldn't resist the chance to try a cute, limited edition product

Though the pink soda itself is cute, I have to agree with Sharla that the packaging is rather cringe
They had beautiful sakura as their muse for design and churned out a strange and dark package
The Sakura itself is like clip art, less detailed than it's dang emoji counterpart
and the font for the logo just kind of screams "Naruto" to me haha
I guess it matches the Pepsi aesthetic, but it had so much more potential!

As for the drink itself, I've heard mixed reactions but mostly positive
People have said it tasted like jelly beans and others candy floss
To me, it tasted lightly of cherries... but also of aniseed balls??

It was kind of medicinal tasting and I contemplated every sip of this bottle
but I still could not place my finger on what it exactly tastes like!
The air of familiarity was so strong, I couldn't shake it off

Over all, it was a good drink, it just left me confused more than anything
I wouldn't say I'm crazy about this, but I sure wouldn't turn down another bottle!
I definitely recommend giving it a try if you have the chance ♪

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