Monday, 11 April 2016

Pokemon Center: Kyoto

Recently a Pokemon Center opened up in the heart of Kyoto
and thanks to the magic of the internet, and a new Pokemon Center online store
I was able to get a hold of some of it's new and exclusive goodies ♪

 Can we please just take a moment to appreciate how cute this box is?
I am so in love! ♥
Though it was quite big for the few small goodies I bought

 Here's my tiny haul, it may be small but it's so pretty
There was a traditional theme for the new store opening leading to a new Maiko-chu mascot

 First up is a pair of stickers featuring the Kyoto store's Pikachu mascots
Male Pikachu takes on the role of a Court Noble and of course Female Pikachu is a Maiko

 On the packaging for the stickers you can see the bar code sticker for the Kyoto Center

 I also bought an iPhone 6 case ♪
I just could not resist the beautiful patterns and their mixture of Pokemon imagery
The colours are goregous and there's just so many details, I could stare at it for days!

To be honest, I've always wanted a Kimono print inspired phone case
But I think this mix of a traditional pattern and Pokemon represents my soul heh (⌒▽⌒;)

I so desperately want this matching plush! It's freaking beautiful ♥
When I made my order it was sold out, but had it been in stock I'd have snatched it up
Now I can't really justify £30ish on the plush alone ( ̄□ ̄;)
I'm sure it will be mine one day!

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