Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Pocky Midi キャラメルラテ

 Since yesterday's post was about a tea flavoured snack
I figured today I would balance that out with something coffee related!

 Pocky Midi is my favourite kind of Pocky by far
It makes the original style feel so bland and unbalanced

Pocky Midi is shorter but makes up for it with a chunkier biscuit
and 2 layers of thick flavoured chocolate, one of which is whipped

 Each pack contains 12 sticks which are grouped in to smaller packs
I guess this is to encourage portion control, but I can't help myself around these lol

Despite being called "Caramel latte" I somehow forgot about the coffee haha
So it's strong flavour took me by surprise

You definitely get an initial burst of sweet coffee
followed by the smoothness of the caramel (with a slight hint of salt, but in a good way!)
It's flavour is sharp but also sweet and creamy

A delight to eat, pretty much heaven to be honest
I may have just found my new favourite flavour of Pocky EVER
Now that's a big moment haha

I don't know about you but I personally find the chocolate on regular Pocky to be kind of "waxy"
But there's none of that here, the outer chocolate is slightly firmer and the center is whipped
adding some textures and a much nicer sensation when you eat it

Caramel Latte Pocky Midi is available on Jbox for $2
I'd rate this Pocky more than 10/10! It's amazing
If this is sold out everywhere, it's because I bought them all haha

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