Friday, 1 April 2016

iPhone Pamyu Pamyu

(●・ω・●) Hello everyone!
Recent I was on the hunt for a very specific phone case
I wanted a flip cover that could hold cards and of course, it had to be cute!

I'd seen a lot of lovely Pokemon cases but they didn't have space for cards
So I found myself on Japanese shopping sites typing in random fandoms and phrases
Then I decided to try "Kyary Pamyu Pamyu"
I figured that would bring some cute results, and I wasn't disappointed!

 Turns out that the Kyary attraction at Universal Studio Japan has a bunch of merch too!
I was instantly lured in by it's ridiculous print and bright colours

 Everything on this case looks straight out of a Kyary music video
I wouldn't be surprised if they have lurked in the backgrounds!
My favourite might have to be that fabulous lipstick, check out them eyelashes

 The case itself feels really protective
However the part which holds the phone in place is just glued in 
So I'm a little worried that this could fall out if handled too often

Luckily I don't plan on using this case everyday, which sounds rather silly
But I wanted a case like this purely for travelling!
Having the card slots means I can pop my Oyster card in there for easy access in London
and I guess my Suica, should I ever get the chance to return to Japan

On the back is also a Universal Studio Japan logo ♥

So, mission complete!!
I not only got a case that functions how I wanted it to
But it's also super cute and unique too, just how I like it (≧ε≦○)chu♪

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