Tuesday, 5 April 2016

ミルクティーHORN ★ Milk Tea Horn

 Despite probably being the only British person who doesn't enjoy tea
When I saw this mix up of a Japanese snack with a British tea flavour, I couldn't resist!

 I love the royal blue coloured packaging ♥
and of course each bar is individually wrapped, because Japan

I always have to sniff the things I try and I feel like they resembled caramel 
but there was also a presence of tea leaves, you can even see some in the biscuit

The taste was familiar and I can't quite shake it
The flavour is Earl Grey but, I can't say I've drank that tea before
No, they tasted like something else I've eaten but.... 
I've eaten so much from stuff from Japan, I can't put my finger on it lol

They are a pleasant flavour though, if not slightly bitter, lending itself to it's tea aspect
The biscuit is thin and crunchy, whilst the chocolate is smooth and sweet

There is a strong after taste which can slightly burn your throat
So it's best not to eat too many in one sitting

Over all a nice snack, though I do wonder
Are these to be eaten in place of tea? Or alongside a cup of tea?

Milk Tea Horn is available on Jbox for $2.20
The fact that the packaging says "Seasonal" tells me these are Limited Edition
So do act fast if you wish to try them out!

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