Wednesday, 30 March 2016

宇治抹茶パイの実 ★ Uji Matcha Pie no Mi

Hello! ~( ̄▽ ̄~)
Today I'm going to be talking about Pi no Mi
A lovely snack from Japan in one of my favourite flavours 
抹茶 - Matcha - Green Tea

The packaging is really cute with a rural, country feel to it
I love those little squirrels who appear to be having a toast with their own tea

and how appetising does this snack look from it's 'cover'???
I can imagine these would be very hard to pass up if you were to see them on a store shelf

The back of the packaging features a 'blurb' about the snack
Claiming that each Pie has 64 crisp and flaky layers balanced with matcha chocolate

There's also a photo campaign for fans to be featured on the packaging!

Opening the package greets you with the strong smell of matcha
As well as a second campaign, this time for an arrangement recipe idea
Which suggests putting the snack on to a Beef Stew


Ok, so if these were regular chocolate, it may not be that bad
But the though of putting green tea on top just seems like pure madness haha

I checked out the website and found other recipe ideas that were much more appealing
Such as ice cream and decorative gift ideas ♪
It also suggested warming them up, I really need to try that next time!!

The snacks are sealed in foil which features more adorable country illustrations

Though you can close the box, you can't re seal the actual foil
...any excuse to eat them in one go I suppose

The snack itself is a small bite of flaky, layered pastry with a sweet glaze on top
and a wonderful matcha green tea chocolate filling

The flavours and textures are just so perfectly balanced, it's almost an art form
The pastry itself isn't too sweet, borrowing most of that from it's glaze
which also offers another crisp texture to the pie's many layers
and the filling is just the right kind of soft, I was worried that it could be too hard
but it's just right so that it doesn't interfere with the texture of the pie

I dare say this snack is perfection
I adore everything about it, it's hard to put in to words
So do make sure you try them one day ♥

I bought my Pi no Mi from Jbox for $4.50 (for 2 boxes)

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