Sunday, 27 March 2016

Snapshot Sunday

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hey everyone!
Welcome to Snapshot Sunday
A weekly installment of photo's from my phone
These posts may not always be fulfilling content-wise
But I hope you enjoy them none-the-less ♥ 

 I took this photo from my sofa before having a nap
and I think that sums up my life pretty well to be honest  ( ̄□ ̄;)

 Bath time for the puggle!
They sure are stinky! If you think pugs are cute, never own one hahaha

 Playing with my Himouto Umaru-chan Nendoroid
For some reason my SD Card just didn't save the pictures I took with my camera
So RIP blog post, but thankfully I took a few pictures on my phone too!

 Jennyanydots ♥
Our little old lady~

 Force Bean flavoured potato sticks!
I literally ate these at like 2am when I was feeling depressed

 Mont Blanc Tea and Matcha Honey, 2 strange things in my cupboards right now
A few of you wanted to hear about the Tea and I have to say, it's pretty bitter!
I was expecting it to be much lighter and sweeter

 On my way to Salt's Mill
I had to buy my mum a Birthday card and this seemed like the best place for it!
There's lot's of unique cards and art prints in here ♪

 I picked up a little postcard colouring book of Japanese designs

 Some serious side-eye from Bella haha
We pester each other all day!

 Exciting post! 
The Pokemon box is so big compared to what was actually inside lol
So I'm worried you might be disappointed with the blog post
and of course you can see inside the Oyatsu Box in my latest post
I was hoping to re-subscribe to them but I sadly can't afford it

 Jumper Poodle~
Whilst it has been getting a little warmer, I fear for her old lady bones
Also, I got a £70 gas bill this month so I'm kinda worried about that too lol

 I finally decided to go through my Japanese candy stash
and I found this expired Butt Pudding which I bought in 2014... oops!

 Filming my Oyatsu Box opening for YouTube
I'm still terrible at making videos but I wanted to push myself

 A sneak peek at some snacks you will be seeing next weekend!!

 Because of course I own a mini toilet and a pissing poodle figure

 Oh my gosh, it's me!
I don't often take pictures of myself these days as my confidence was thrown under a bus
But I decided to make a little bit of effort and damn, I actually felt really good  ♥
I've still a long way to go, but I felt like I made a big step

 On Friday we went to Huckleberry's Diner for my mums birthday!
It's a crazy "American" Diner with a unique menu 

 I got a Peach Arizona! I love this drink so much
Though it was a bit silly of them to serve a can that said $0.99 on it 
when the drink cost a whopping £3.50!!

 I ordered the Sliders and salt n' pepper "fries"
It was really nice! I was royally stuffed!!

 The restaurant has a bunch of eating challenges
I really want to try this some day lol

 There's waffles under there somewhere!
I couldn't eat it all and had to take it home for later lol

 Back at my parents and chilling with Buttons ♥

 As I'm writing this post I am also playing Yokai Watch!
I got my butt kicked by a boss, so looks like I need to level up


 MiiTomo is a thing in Japan and should be coming here soon
Of course I made a Japanese iTunes account to get it early heh

 My first 3mil+ score in Tsum Tsum!
I gave up on the Easter event though, too lazy heh

I finally got my last Memento in Neko Atsume!!
Then they updated the game and added 4 more cats (●・`∩・)rude

and that's all for now!!
I have a stock pile of Japanese snack reviews coming this week
So I hope you look forward to seeing those ♪

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