Sunday, 13 March 2016


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hey everyone!
Welcome to Snapshot Sunday
A weekly installment of photo's from my phone
These posts may not always be fulfilling content-wise
But I hope you enjoy them none-the-less ♥ 

I didn't really feel like posting this week
I'm not in a good head space right now after a week of headaches and period
(TMI but I have like 4 a year so it sure is an 'event' when one happens lol)

 However we start this post with a positive!
Presents from Amelie from her latest trip to Japan ♥
I asked her to find me the weirdest gatcha toy possible and she sure delivered
with this amazing tempura fried beetle haha

 How exactly does a Diglett scratch when it has no hands/claws?!

 They left the old glitches in the VC releases of Pokemon, which means I got a Mew!
The glitch is so weird, was it put in there on purpose?
Because I just can't understand how the precise sequence of events causes the code to make Mew appear 

 I played with some Japanese DIY Candy Kits
I forgot how gross the Sushi kit was haha, but I guess it doesn't help that these kits have expired
I bought them on my trip to Japan in 2014... oopsie!

 Pretty Poodle all wrapped up on a chilly night
It's actually starting to get a little bit warmer now but I do worry about her old lady bones

 At some point in the past 2 weeks I mentioned Andrew WK in a tweet and the dude like it ♥

 Dinosaur egg bath bomb!

 In you go little friend

 Something is hatching!

 It's... a poop?

 Ahh yes, the rare Poopasaurus Rex!

 This girl obviously forgot my character is 10 years old
Much like I keep forgetting to use Miiverse to take screencaps of my game play lol

 I'm not much of a tea drinker (how am I even British?!)
But this tea is lovely! I stole a few bags from my brother heh

Last Sunday was Mother's Day in the UK
As I was getting ready to go to my parents, Bella just sat and stared at me like this the whole time
She is so needy, so it really upsets her when I leave the house
But this was the first time she pulled such a weird face at me haha

 Speaking of Mother's Day, I love my mum ♥
This is my favourite picture of her from when we went to Disneyland Paris nearly 10 years ago
I had no idea she ran behind Sully! She was so quick I thought she was next to me the whole time
I remember taking the picture and I swear, she was next to me
and she was sniggering and told me to check the photo haha

 Most amazing tea pot

 Random desk photo~
I finally got a new office chair which has wheels and makes using my crazy desk much easier!

 Cutie ♥

 I got a cute Gudetama spoon from Tofu Cute!
I've wanted one of these spoons for a while, they have a flat edge to help "scraping"
The idea is to make it easier to eat ice cream, but I'll use mine for porridge heh

 Casual squid on my bathroom door

One of my pudding chocolates was heart shaped!

and that's all for now~ 
Sorry if this post was pants, I'm just not feeling myself at the moment
and I'm really kicking myself over it too which doesn't help at all
I'm hoping a new week and the Spring weather will help to clear my head ♥

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