Tuesday, 15 March 2016

日本酒キットカット ★ Sake Kit Kat

 Despite Nestle being a UK based company, they really shine in Japan
For some reason the Japanese Market is more open to the idea of "wild" Kit Kat flavours
and for Spring 2016 they introduced a limited edition Sake flavour

Spring in Japan is all about the Sakura viewing (花見/Hanami)
Where plenty of beer and Sake is drunk, so this seemed like an agreeable choice for the season

 The packaging too is complimentary for the season featuring soft pinks and of course, Sakura

 The back of the box features a space for a message if you wanted to give these as a present

Kit Kats are often given as presents to Students before exams or as an incentive at work
This is because Kit Kat sounds similar to きっと勝つ (Kitto Katsu)
Which means "You are sure to win" and is a great message of motivation

 This pack contained 3 individual mini bars

Kit Kats in Japan are almost always mini sized (around half the length of a UK Kit Kat)
and I'm not sure why this is, perhaps to curve over indulgence? To calm the stronger flavours?
Though on my 2009 trip to Japan I did purchase some full size Kit Kats in a Sports Drink flavour

 If you didn't want to gift an entire box, then have no fear
Each Kit Kat has it's own space for a message on the back

 The colouring of the packaging is just so pretty, I really enjoyed the pastel combinations

The Kit Kat itself is a creamy colour, akin to white chocolate

When I opened the packaging I decided to smell the contents
and boy, it sure was strong!!
For some reason it never really crossed my mind that these are an alcohol based chocolate
but the smell sure cemented that realisation in my mind hah

The taste was rather mild as first, I felt like the white chocolate almost over powered it
But as you crunched away the Sake flavour became more pronounced
and afterwards my mouth had the taste and warm sensation as though I had been drinking Sake!!
It was so very strange

It sort of felt as though the wafers were Sake flavoured and coated in white chocolate

Whilst the Kit Kat is very interesting and unique, I can't say I'm a fan
This is probably because I'm not a huge fan of Sake to begin with heh
But I would still recommend these, purely for their novelty and beautiful packaging

Sake Kit Kats are Limited Edition!
So if you do want to try them, be sure to act fast so you don't miss your chance

You can buy the 3-packs from Tofu Cute and Sushi Noms
There's also a 9-pack version in packaging with a cool bottle design available from Jbox
(Save 5% on Jbox with my code~ MOE-1WD-ZP20BX)

Please do remember that these contain alcohol (0.8%)
They should not be given to minors and you should take care when consuming them

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