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Oyatsu Box | March 2016

 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hello everyone!
Today we're going to be taking a look at the March 2016 Oyatsu Box
A subscription box full of snacks and candy from Japan

This blog is actually a sister post to an unboxing video over on my YouTube
So if you want to see some "live reaction" to the box be sure to check it out ♪


 First of all, let's just appreciate this cute packaging!
I still remember the very first Oyatsu Box all the way back in February 2014
and they've come such a long way since then, seeing their new branding and growth is amazing ♥

But now, on to the contents!
Where possible I will link to the product on their sister site Oyatsu Cafe

Apparently Nakamura is an iconic Kabuki actor and oversaw production of these chips
Well, thank you Namakura because these chips are AMAZING
They're Japanese curry flavour which is one of my all time favourite foods
and they're also extra crunchy without being overly oily

The packaging for these is so pretty, they just ooze Spring
The season is most often associated with the Cherry Blossom but is also a time for Ume Blossom too
I wasn't sure how these would be flavoured, like the flower or the Ume fruit~
Turns out it was more towards the distinctive Ume fruit flavour
Which is often sour and even pickled
You could taste the saltiness of the pickled process but it was also sharp and sweet too

Ume and Umeboshi (Pickle plum) are a strong flavour many people don't enjoy
But thankfully I am someone who does, so these unique sweets were a treat for me!

KariPoli - Cola and Grape
This snack is popular with kids in Japan and is often endorsed by Pokemon
It's a crunchy candy stick that fizzes as you eat
It is a rather crazy texture explosion for sure, it's like eating a fizzy drink!!

Classic Kinaki Mochi
Mochi is kind of amazing, it's made from pounding rice until it becomes soft and sticky
This particular mochi was dusted with Kinako (roasted soy bean) powder
I'm still not hugely keen on Mochi but I do love Kinako and so these aren't too bad heh

Bikkuriman 8
A popular snack in Japan known for their collectible stickers with bright illustrations
These are wafer sandwiches filled with chocolate
They're pretty simple but still a nice treat ♥

A regional snack from the Kyushu region, these have been made for over 100 years
They're made from brown sugar and dough to create a kind of cakey texture
The flavour is pretty deep and similar to black treacle/molasses

Look is a popular brand of chocolate in Japan
This particular edition features 18 small chocolates from different regions
The flavours are all very rich and even though they're small, they pack a flavourful punch
I think my favourite was the kind made from Ecuadorian beans as they had a softer centre

A super fun edition to this months box
I won't say much because I'll be giving these babies their own review post!

Nerune - Pineapple and Melon
Oh gosh, I do not like this candy kit haha
It's fun to make but the texture is just so strange
So sadly I can't offer any thoughts on this particular version lol

As you can tell from my video, this snack really took me back!
Senbei is often salty and savoury, so seeing it coated in think sugar is strange
I was very worried to try it but, I was pleasantly surprised
When I opened it I could smell the usual salted senbei
and the sugar coating made these extra crispy! I really enjoyed the texture it added
The Yuzu flavour wasn't over powering and surprisingly, neither was all that sugar!

I found myself realising that the flavour was actually really familiar
It took me a while to place it, but I realised they tasted like Iced Gems

I don't know if Iced Gems are a thing outside of the UK
But they are small biscuits with a little piece of iced sugar on top

I never expected something like this to flood me with memories of childhood snacks!

and finally, a capsule toy!
I received a little kitty in a bowl of Anmitsu
Since I'm more of a dog person, I'll be sending this to my friend Rhi hehe ♥

I really do love Oyatsu Box and this months box offered a great variety of products
I like that they included both traditional and modern snacks
Many places stock things like DIY Kits and the latest Pokemon endorsements
But it's not often you get to try more traditional snacks and so I really appreciate that!

The Premium Oyatsu Box costs $30 and this one featured 11 items 
Making each item just under $3 each, which isn't bad at all
Especially when you consider this includes tracked and insured shipping ♪
There are other price plans to choose from though which start at $11.99

Please note that this box was not provided for review, it was purchased!

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