Thursday, 3 March 2016


 Nendoroids, my one true weakness
I tried so hard to resist Kirby, but he was just too cute and unique!

and I really mean it, I did try to resist!
I had him pre-ordered from day one, but tried to be smart and cancel to save money
But then I had a little store credit with Tokyo Otaku Mode and decided to take the plunge


 As always the Nendoroid packaging is adorable
and showcases a variety of poses you can set your figure up in

For some reason I really struggled to get decent pictures of the box
So I'll just let the figure speak for itself I suppose? ~

 All of his extra parts and faces
His round shape makes his accessories some of the largest I've seen for a Nendoroid!

His parts represent 3 of his power up abilities~ Sword, Fire and Magic
and his faces are just adorable!

Here he is in all his glory, so cute!
Something that I was super curious about with this Nendoroid was how they would
get his stubby hands and feet to work, as I often saw them in different positions in pre-release photos

 Turns out the clever folk that designed him used magnets!
Thanks to this you can place him in many dynamic poses
My only worry is that if you move these around too often, they might scratch the figure

 Sword Kirby is one of my favourites to use when playing
I always feel much more confident in a game if I have a sword!

I hope that in future there are some small, maybe blind box, releases of other power ups
I'd like to see a Beetle and UFO costume for sure

 Oh hey, Sakura and Kero came by to welcome Kirby!
How sweet ♥


 Kirby stahp

Ok, I guess you can be a magical girl if you insist!

As previously mentioned, I bought my Kirby Nendoroid from Tokyo Otaku Mode
I was able to do so with store credit I received via my Invite Link
So many thanks to anyone who helped me out ♥
Remember that signing up with my link gives you a $5 coupon

Before I go, I also want to show you this~

My invoice for the figure came in a super cute clear file along with a poster and a sticker!
The artwork on the folder in particular is amazing, I am so in love ♥

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