Thursday, 25 February 2016

苺のショートケーキ味 ポテトチップス ★ Strawberry Shortcake Potato Chips

 After buying Japanese snacks online for many years now
I consider myself somewhat of a veteran
Not much "shocks" me anymore, but these... these crisps
They fill me with fear!

England doesn't really mix sweet and savoury with their foods
I'd say the closest thing you'll find is Sweet n Sour sauce from a Chinese Takeaway
and I still find it weird when I see people putting ham and cheese in croissants
So these crisps are like a little bag of Culture Shock for me

But still curiosity killed the cat and I couldn't miss the opportunity to try something so unusual 

 The packaging is really cute, though I'm not to sure what that wizard guy is

When opening the bag there wasn't an overwhelming sweet smell like I expected
It was kind of ordinary, like regular salted crisps
But the more you sniffed the more you realised something else was there

I took so many photo's of these on the plate, I think I was stalling
But then I finally took a potato chip AND ATE IT 
(10 points if you get my weeb reference)

and... at this point I realised 
I've never actually had a strawberry shortcake before haha

So I can't make any direct comparisons to the actual product
But it wasn't far off what I'd expect a shortcake to taste like, minus the lingering potato
They were very similar to strawberries that had been coated in sugar
There was even that "zing" sensation that strawberries sometimes have too

All in all, not bad!
Sure, these aren't something I'd eat every day but all my worry was for nothing
I honestly thought I'd be throwing these away after the review 
But I ate the whole packet! (゜o゜)

RATING: 3.5 / 5 (worth the try!)
SOURCE: J-box ($1.80 per pack)

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