Sunday, 28 February 2016


 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hey everyone!
Welcome to Snapshot Sunday
A weekly installment of photo's from my phone
These posts may not always be fulfilling content-wise
But I hope you enjoy them none-the-less ♥ 

 I knew Star Wars Tsum's were coming, but I didn't know when!
So their release took me by surprise and a lot of them sold out straight away
Thankfully I managed to grab a few of my favourites ♥

 I finally have the chair to match my sofa out of storage
Bella likes to sit in it and judge me

 I received even more surprise mail from Rhi!!
She found a few more pieces to send, bless her ♥

 I looooove blind boxes/bags and my Knex Mario was a Boo!

 I packaged up a few goodies of my own this week
I'm trying harder to use more of my stickers as I have a tendency to hoard them
So I tried to write かわいい but I only have 1 "い" so I needed to improvise haha

 I'm not sure why I thought these would be a nice snack one evening
I got a lot of booger and dirt flavoured beans!!

 Pro tip: Hanging a Hyotokko mask outside your door can lead to heart attacks

 Did you see my review of the Strawberry Shortcake Potato Chips?
Here's some other goodies I received at the same time~

 Bella is ready for her close up!

 I bought a massive tub of Popcorn because, Kylo Ren ♥

 I FINALLY had a haircut too!
The last one I had was just before Hyper Japan in November
I have a bad habit of letting my hair grow out and get gross

 Even more Japanese foods, this time from the Japan Centre in London
I was craving Kitsune Udon and I ended up buying a few other goodies too
 Hanging out with Buttons the cloud dog at my parents house
She's sooo cute when she's fluffy and her temperament is really chill lately too

In case you don't know Buttons is a rescue dog, she's been really aggressive in the past
and we're her first permanent home as everyone else gave up on her
She seems to finally be understanding that she's with us for keeps heh ♥

 Beastly lemon-shaped Orange!
There was a tiny orange growing at the end of the main orange
I'm always curious as to why that happens? Chemicals??

 I've been having a huge clear out and re-organise lately
I came across this beautiful Dr. Martens satchel that I've had for a few years and never used
I just feel like this bag is too cool for me lol
Maybe when I've sorted out my self image etc I'll feel more confident in using it

 I also had a peek at my Vivienne necklaces ♥
Some could really use a clean but I'm scared I'll ruin them!

 Custom name necklaces by Di Depux ♥
I love them so much!!

 I managed to clear out my wardrobe and 2 boxes of storage clothes
and this was the "to sell" pile, though I went through it one last time and filled a bag for charity
I'll be listing some of these on eBay tonight so please check out my listings

 Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon in Japan
I celebrated by starting Pokemon Yellow and hanging out in Renae's stream

 I wasn't going to get any of the VC Pokemon games
But I somehow ended up with all 4 versions across my 2 consoles
Which means I get to play an actual copy of Pokemon Green!! 

 Bella as sulking because I wouldn't share my food haha

 and today I saw a dog just chilling in a store window
To be honest, the shop looked closed lol, I hope the owner was just in the back room!

This week has kind of flown by really
I feel like I didn't accomplish much, but I probably did lol

I'll leave you with some random Internet/app things~~ 

 I made a Japanese Twitter account, you can follow it @sami_spoonJP
I guess it's to use as a study/practice tool
But I have ZERO confidence in my Japanese these days
I realised it's been 5~6 years since I last studied it
and whilst I've retained bits and pieces, I'm missing a lot of the cement
So it's hard for me to correctly piece together sentences or hold a conversation

 Almost full garden in Neko Atsume ♥

I received 2 Memento's and now I only have 2 left to collect!

and that's all folks! See you next time~

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