Sunday, 21 February 2016


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hey everyone!
Welcome to Snapshot Sunday
A weekly installment of photo's from my phone
These posts may not always be fulfilling content-wise
But I hope you enjoy them none-the-less ♥ 

Long time no snap post~
It's for a few reasons, first I don't always have a lot to post
and I also worry about these posts appearing too frequently on my blog

If you have any preferences about these posts, be sure to let me know!

 Time for adventure!

 Something I never really elaborated much on in my previous blog was my depression
I actually used my blog as a way to escape from the "real world" and my depression
So it may not even be clear that I was stuck in such a horrible battle
It left me a very broken person, a shell of my former self
Though with it came one positive, a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome

So I've been trying my best to rebuild myself and I recently took a big step and went on a train alone
Any time I've had a journey alone in the past, there was always someone meeting me on the other side
But this was the first true solo journey, and it may seem so insignifcant to a "normal" person
But it was a big step for me!

 My local station is teeny-tiny!
Just the 2 platforms and some shelters
There wasn't even a ticket machine here for a long time hah

 On the train I realised that someone out there has this fabric in their design portfolio
It made me giggle, but what an awesome job title: "Train seat fabric designer" haha

 So my journey on the train was partly because I've been thinking of upgrading my small 3DS to an XL
and I did actually order one in-store, but when it arrived it was broken! 
So in the end I decided to just keep the 2 I already have
(Top is small and EU, Bottom is an XL and Japanese)

 Whilst out I made sure to pick up my Mew code too!
Owning a legit Mew 20 years after Pokemon was released is strange but awesome

 Another day, it was a Pikachu sock kind of day

 I recently tried my first ever Taco Bell!
Apparently in America they don't have fries at Taco Bell, so this confused my US friends haha

I've always heard jokes and horror stories about eating Taco Bell but I survived haha
It was suuuuper yummy actually, I really want to have another!

 Mooboo Matcha milk tea with Tapioca ♥
Mooboo is new to my City and I am in love!!
I even saw a girl at the counter with a Randoseru backpack and I wanted to cry in it's beauty lol

I always consider trying a new flavour but Matcha is so rare to come-by here
So I just can't resist having my yummy fix
Also Mooboo uses dairy free ingrediants, so I can drink these despite being lactose intolerant!
If you have a local Mooboo, be sure to check them out

 Doggy pictures make up about 90% of my camera roll
I took these for my Japanese penpal who has recently started to use Snapchat
(If you want to add me, I believe my username is just 'samispoon')

 Gudetama Pudding ♥
The winner of my giveaway has been announced!
Be sure to check out the original post for the winner
I'll definetly consider more smaller giveaways in the future
My blog is still new which means I can't really get sponsors anymore heh

 My neighbourhood is super old fashioned!

 Surprise presents from Rhi!!!

 Lovely insulting candy and soap haha

 Cute socks!

 and Pusheen PJ's! ♥

There was more in the box but I didn't want to end up posting a haul in here lol
Though I may do a review on the phone camera lens' she sent me

I always stop to watch the ducks for a while
Though there's often a gang of Geese around here too and they scare me lol

and finally, doing some WonderTrades with Bella!
On Wednesday I felt really sick and then a nap meant I was awake until 4~5am
So I took part in BButtonBits' WonderTrades on their stream

If you're in to Pokemon at all, be sure to check them out!
The trades are often themed and you can get some really cool Pokemon ♥
This weeks theme is puns, so I might breed some Exeggcute
and re-name them to "eggs r cute" o(〃∇〃) o

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  1. Hope your train adventure went well.

    I didn't know about taco bell being in the UK. Exciting! :)


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