Monday, 1 February 2016


My Punyus Fukubukuro has finally arrived!
Before we delve deep inside this bag, I suggest grabbing a warm drink and a snack
This post is a little lengthy ~(●´┏ε┓`●)

First of all, to those wondering "What on earth is a Fukubukuro??"
Fukubukuro are Lucky Bags from Japan
Often sold in the New Year, stores will put together mystery bags for a set price
Sounds great right? The catch?
You usually have NO IDEA what the bag will contain

Thankfully Punyus (my favourite Japanese clothing brand) gave us some hints~

 The Punyus Fukubukuro promised a unique tote bag, a hat, socks and an egg shaped mat
As well as 6 items (including 1 piece of outwear) which will be worth around ¥40,000 (£230/$33)
and all you pay for all of these items is ¥10,800 (£62/$88)

So how did my lucky bag fair?
Let's start with the items we know were coming!

There was 2 variations of these items available in the lucky bags
Either pink or blue mice on the socks and either a black or white hat

I would have been happy with either pair of socks so the pink is all cool with me
But I would have preferred a black hat as I dye my hair and I'm worried it will discolour the wool!

 The next bonus item is the egg mat which is an item exclusive to the lucky bag
You won't be able to buy this in stores, if you missed the lucky bags you now need to hunt for auctions!

So that's the guaranteed items out of the way, let's move on to the mystery goodies!
I will include their original price and a link to the product page where possible

Wave Logo T-shirt / ウェーブロゴTシャツ 

A pretty simple T-shirt, and despite keeping up to date with Punyu's releases
I have to say I do not remember this T-shirt at all haha
Sadly it isn't in their usually baggy style and is more fitted, so it won't actually fit me
Which made me laugh a little
One of the reasons I love Punyus is because they offer larger sizing
but the first thing in my lucky bag is too small, oh dear haha


When I spotted this in my bag I was like "ok, an ugly sweater. I'll wear it around the house"
But nope, not only is this thing sleeveless it's actually a freaking DRESS
It's so ugly, even the funky dog emblem can't save it


Seeing these gave me flashbacks to my "mosher" days and the 90's
I didn't want to be reminded of those... nobody does

Yes. You are indeed looking at a plain white shirt
When I saw it in the bag I thought it might have a small food image sewn into it
But nope, it's just a plain old shirt

Ok... so it's handy right? Practical?
Sure, it even has pockets (゜o゜)
BUT, the sleeves are so short! So I can't even wear it


Food Print Backpack / フード総柄PUリュック

Oh thank god, not only something cute but something I actually almost purchased once!
This bag was the oldest of the items being from the AW 2014 collection 
(everything else was from 2015)

It was released just before I went to Japan and was sold out when I was there
I was looking to either purchase this one or the white version with the Pancake print
So this was a nice surprise and I knew how pricey their bags were too, so a nice "value" item

Are you ready for the most ungratfeul comment in the world?
...Of all the outwear I knew was available in the lucky bags
This was the one I wanted the LEAST
I'm so gross lol

However! It's still a really nice coat, super warm
I tried it on in my house and it was soooo toasty!

The pictures really don't do it justice so be sure to check out the product page
I was also surprised to see that the fur trimmings are fake as there is a lot of real fur in Japan

All together my mystery items were worth ¥37,850 (£217/$312)
The socks, hat, mat and bag aren't included because these are lucky bag exclusives
and so they don't hold any "real" retail value, they're often considered freebies

As I mentioned the cost of the lucky bag was ¥10,800 (£62/$88)
HOWEVER! Buying these bags when you live overseas incurs extra costs
Here's a break down of my total costs
Bag*: ¥10,600 (£60.83)
Shipping:  ¥9,120 (£57.03)
Customs: £21.03

TOTAL: £138.89
* I saved ¥200 by using points I had gained from other purchases

So I paid twice as much for my bag, which decreases the value of the savings
Plus having such an unlucky bag with items I won't use and will likely donate to charity
it makes the bag seem like it wasn't worth the hassle or cost at all

But, that's the way of the lucky bags, you never know what you're going to get
and chances are I would still do it all again (⌒▽⌒;)

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