Thursday, 18 February 2016


Ok, so this post is a little late

But let's take a peek inside my Kumatan Fukubukuro Stocking!

If you followed me from my previous blog, you are probably aware of Kumatan
He was the mascot for former J-fashion brand W♥C
and now he's just his own free bear running his own brand

I still love his derpy face, so I couldn't resist this festive lucky bag

 A quick peek at the contents!

 First up, inside a capsule was 3 pin badges
I received Kumatan and 2 of his family members

I don't often use pin badges, but I guess if that ever changes I have these cuties!

 Next up was 2 large stickers of Kumako and Kumatan
Funnily enough, I already own these stickers!!
I bought them years ago via W♥C and recently put them on my suitcase
It was pretty amusing to receive another pair hehe
 Plushie phone strap~
There was a time in my life where I would have used this as a phone charm in a heart beat
But I am now a sad, old lady hah, so instead he will live with my little collection of Kumatan plushies
(which actually includes another ridiculous phone charm that's a giant Kumatan head lol)

 Next up is an adorable note book!
I love note books, they give the illusion that I have my life together lol
I love the childish images on the cover and I almost forgot about that horse character

 Even the pages are cute!!

 I also received a T-shirt
I was kind of hoping for the 2nd design which featured a Hyottoko 
Especially as I have no idea what this design is "supposed to be"

Who/What is Coco Semaine?
Why does Yabaoka sound like a place but seem to be the name of a band?

Either way, the T-shirt is sadly far too small
So even if I had received the other design, I may not have been able to wear it

The final item in my bag was also an exclusive~

 A set of Kumatan fairy lights!
How hilarious and cute are these?! 
Going with the stocking theme of the actual bag, these would be great on a Christmas tree

 I am so amused

 Though I have to say, it's plug looks kind of dangerous??
I'm a little scared to try and use these lol
I also need to find my plug adapters as we have 3-pin plugs here in the UK

So overall, a nice fukubukuro to reunite with Kumatan ♥
I'm glad to see that he is still around and doing rather well for himself
But let's hope I don't get too hooked again, I spent so much money on W♥C back in the day!
Like... scary amounts... (;゜д゜)

I bought my Kumatan Fukubukuro from Tokyo Otaku Mode
They carry lot's of kawaii goodies and even J-fashion brands!
Be sure to use my invite link to receive a $5 welcome coupon

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  1. I'm glad that a small part of W<3C is still carrying on - I found their branding so cool and funky even though I didn't wear it.

    At least you got lucky with this lucky pack though! It's a shame that the t-shirt is too small but hopefully you can sell it :D


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