Thursday, 11 February 2016

HAUL: Pokemon

 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hello everyone!
I've been buying bits and pieces of Pokemon merch lately
and I decided to hoard them all so I could make a Haul post for them all ♥

Prepare for cuteness!

 First up is the Dearest Pikachu iPhone case
I believe this was part of 2015's Valentines collection
So I was surprised to find it for sale and still at a good price!
I figured it would go perfectly with my Pink iPhone ♥

 This Gloom and Vileplume hand towel was from a Ichiban Kuji (lottery)
So I had to hunt it down on auction websites, but it was so worthwhile
I adore the print as I've always have a soft spot for this Gen 1 evolution chain
I also have a thing for collecting hand towels....

 Hand towel #2 is Mega Audino-chu from the Mega Evolution collection
I knew I wanted something Mega Audino as it's design is ADORABLE
and it's plushies seemed to sell out pretty much instantaneously so I was glad to grab this towel's almost too cute to use though, I'll feel guilty if it gets dirty

 another piece from the Mega collection is my plushie Sable-chu keychain!
Mega Sableye is one of my favourite Mega Evolutions so I really wanted one of it's goodies
I did intend to get the Sableye hand towel, but the Audino was way cuter
and luckily these plushies didn't sell out quite as quickly so I was able to secure this key chain

I have a few small plushie keychains now that feature Pikachu in costumes
They tend to just live on various door handles through out my house
ahhh~ adult life eh?

 Ok this tray is a total impulse buy haha
It's from the Sewing Collection, which was ADORABLE
But for some reason all I ended up with was this tray?? lol
It's become quite useful though as I use it for organisation on my desk

and finally is this adorable Goomy playmat which I used as a background in this post!
Playmat's are for competative players, they use them as playing surfaces for the card/video game
As I just bought a new, white desk. I'll be using it as a protector from scratches and pens!

Many thanks to Renae who was able to send me the playmat ♥

and that's all for my Pokemon haul, for now...
This year Pokemon turns 20 years old (yep, 20, let that sink in!)
and with it's big birthday is sure to come plenty of goregous merchandise
RIP my wallet (´;ω;`)

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