Tuesday, 9 February 2016

ぐでたまプリン★Gudetama Pudding (+ Giveaway)

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to be making a Japanese Candy DIY Kit
This one is extra special as it's for Gudetama Pudding

"Let's gude started!"  (´ ⌓` )

Now, all the instructions for this kit are in Japanese
The images are a little helpful, but you may still struggle
So I'll do my best to explain how to make this kit below~

 First of all, you will need ~ Milk, a cup, a spoon and 2 plates (for serving)
You also need access to a fridge and a microwave

 This kit includes~  Tray with moulds and measurement cup for milk
as well as a white sauce power (blue font) and pudding mix (orange font)

"There are 2 tray styles available"  (´ ⌓` )

 First step ~ add 2 portions of milk to a cup (measured in the trays compartment)

 Then add your Pudding mix and give it a good stir

Now, I used rice milk for my own pudding as I don't drink regular milk
This may make my mixture and pudding look a little different
So don't worry if yours is more pale etc

 Once you're all mixed up, spoon the mixture into the moulds
If you have any bubbles give them a little pop with a tooth pick

Now leave to set in the fridge for 2~3 hours
In the mean time, you can become a lazy egg yourself

 "You should totally nap"  (´ ⌓` )

 Once set, the fun begins!
If you have a tooth pick, simply slide this in the edge and trace around to release the pudding

I didn't have a toothpick, so....

 I kind of ruined Gudetama's face!!

"It's ok... I guess..."  (´ ⌓` )

 At least his booty came out fairly smooth!

"*sigh*"  (´ ⌓` )

 Now to make the sauce!
You need just one portion of milk from the tray and simply mix up the powder

I mixed for a while and I still feel like my sauce looked lumpy
So I think maybe using a small whisk might make this turn out better

Once it's ready, you spoon it around your pudding's to look like egg white!


"looking good"  (´ ⌓` )
The sauce gives such a funny effect to the over all appearance
but thankfully it doesn't taste like an egg
The pudding is a light custard taste and the sauce is milky

Sure mine didn't come out perfect but making them was fun and dessert is always good
"dessert is always gude"  (´ ⌓` )

If you've read this Gudetama adventure and thought
"Hey, this doesn't look too bad. I'd like to try it myself"
Well, you're in luck!

I have a Gudetama Pudding kit (and a few other treats) to giveaway!
To be in with a chance of winning, please use the widget below~ 

Best of luck to all who enter
and if you aren't lucky enough to win then have no fear
You can grab a 2-pack of Gudetama Pudding on JBox for $5

"Thank you for reading"  (´ ⌓` )

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