Sunday, 31 January 2016


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hey everyone!
Welcome to Snapshot Sunday
A weekly installment of photo's from my phone
These posts may not always be fulfilling content-wise
But I hope you enjoy them none-the-less ♥

Starting things off with Series 3 amiibo cards!
Series 3 is well on it's way in Japan with Series 4 just around the corner

 If you want to see which cards I got then check out my YouTube Channel!
I ordered a box full of cards too so expect to see that soon

Though I'm in a strange "rut" almost with these cards
I was super hype for Happy Home Designer when it was released
but I burnt out of playing it pretty fast and now I'm just kind of collecting the cards
and I don't need the cards??
I don't know, it's a strange situation hah

 I received the latest LadyBaby single!
Be sure to give it a listen on YouTube

 I saw these beauties on my way to the dentist haha

Urgh, I have to go back on Wednesday and I can't remember what for
I was left a little confused after my last appointment to be honest
So I'm not sure if I need a filling or not???
My teeth have started to become sensitive though and it's horrible!

 When I got home from the dentist my neighbour came round with a missed package
It was a sneaky Amazon Wishlist present from Amelie!!
I needed this amiibo to unlock some boots in a game hehe
Also Zero Suit Samus is freaking awesome in general

We still don't have a firm release date for this game in Europe
and someone told me that it was released in Australia in December :O
Which makes ZERO sense because Australia are a PAL region, so why don't we have it?!

But being a PAL region game means I can play it on my EU 3DS haha
So I just bought an Australian copy of the game from eBay
Loopholes baby!

 10/10 Gameplay
Game of the year

 Bella being un-amused
 My poodle has a nice, fluffy bed
But prefers to sleep on towels that I throw on the floor...

 I decided to make this Zombie Bear ramen
I bought it around Halloween tbh haha, I had some fun plans for it
But in the end none of them happened heh

 The noodles were blue and there was a soup packet that was almost black hah
Very strange! But the flavour wasn't crazy, it was regular salt ramen lol

 Mr. Resetti arrived on the scene!
The Animal Crossing amiibo figures also leave me in a weird pickle
I want to collect them all but I don't really use them lol aghh

 I had a well rounded breakfast this morning (^_-)☆wink
I bet you wouldn't believe me if I told you I lost 3lbs recently huh? 

 Today I felt like doing something crafty and I was even tempted to stream it on Twitch
However I don't think I have the right kind of cable for my camera
and to be honest I'm not sure I can hook it up like a webcam even with the correct cables

So I just crafted on my own~

 Everything I felt looks really dumb lol

and finally a little Neko Atsume
I've been doing ok for memento's lately
(this isn't even all the ones I have collected in the past week)
I have just 6 more left to collect!

Ok so, I tried to do 2 weeks in one here and I feel like maybe it shows?
I'm not sure, my head is a little foggy today so perhaps that's the culprit
But I'm not very "proud" of this post lol

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