Sunday, 3 January 2016


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hey everyone!
Welcome to Snapshot Sunday
A weekly installment of photo's from my phone
These posts may not always be fulfilling content-wise
But I hope you enjoy them none-the-less ♥

 I guess it's a good idea to start with a picture of my new phone!

I recently dropped my iPhone 5 down my concrete basement stairs
So I took it as an opportunity to upgrade to a 6s in Rose Gold ♥

 A sneak peek at a Pokemon plush keychain I recently bought
I'm going to have a Pokemon haul coming soon!

 During the Christmas break my local village was victim to the crazy flooding
Thankfully my house was safe and I was at my parents during the storms
Now our local park has an improve lake, but this whole are was practically on ocean for a few days
You can see some pictures of that here

 The flow of the River seems to have changed a little bit
It's strange because the level looks as though it's dropped but it's flowing like it's full?

In the background is my old apartment building!
Sadly it suffered flood damage, even after most places drained this was still flooded
 On my way home I decided to have a look at our local Church
It's such an interesting building and also contains the "tomb" for Sir Titus Salt
Turns out there's a little cafe in the basement here too, I might check it out some day

 My slightly Satanic deer/Christmas decoration haha
As I was taking my decorations down, an old man saw me from outside and yelled at me! Agh
I couldn't tell what he was saying but dang, Christmas is over Gramps haha

 A random shot at the bookshelves in my living room
Living alone has some amazingly nerdy perks haha
I do need to rearrange and dust everything though which is a bummer

 This tooth arrived from my Amazon Wishlist
I still don't know who sent it but Thank you very much! ♥

 Poodle hanging out with Jibanyan
I can't wait for Yokai Watch to come to the UK!
I love the series (I'm a big fan of Yokai and Japanese Ghost stories)
and I tried to play it in Japanese, but I was just too lazy haha

 My new calendar arrives on New Years Eve!
Talk about good timing haha

 I also received a belated Christmas present from my mum
I'll have a very late Christmas present post here soon!!

I had a very chill New Year's Eve counting down in my New Leaf towns
and hanging out with BButtonBits on Twitch for a 12 hours stream!

 My kitchen be looking very nerdy!
I still haven't seen the new Star Wars, I'm probably the only person haha
and I managed to avoid spoilers until very recently too :O

 I changed my Japanese Zodiac over to the Year of the Monkey!
If he is your Zodiac animal then I wish you all the best for 2016

I also realised that my mum, dad and brother are all in the Year of the Sheep
but I'm in the Year of the Snake!!

 I bought this little Gudetama Spoon keychain because it's just so me haha
The Gudetama is actually slightly squishy, so I haven't put it on my keys just yet
because I'm having too much fund prodding at him haha
It's kind of relaxing!

 My mum brought me some Chocolate Sprouts
They were actually orange chocolate truffles and not sprouts in any way hah

 I decided to have a quick check on Happy Home Designer 
and I can't believe how well my contest entry did
It came in 7th place out of 30,000+ entries, like, whhaaattt?? Haha

 I recently got some amazing photography lighting and the bulbs SCARE me haha
But I can't wait to see how these improve my photo's and my blogging
I already used one in a quick test for some eBay pics and it was amazing
The pictures look like they were taken on a bright sunny day
but they were actually taken in the evening and it was pretty dark outside!

I bought my lights from Amazon here
The exact listing I used is currently sold out as they were 50% off the usual price
But I totally recommend these! Easy to set up and so worthwhile

I'd like to finish off with a little app stuff!

 Like many I've been playing Neko Atsume recently
and I intended to simply post my progress but I've actually collected all of the cats now haha
I still need to collect the mementos but my kitty catalouge is complete!

I also had like 2 days to play/complete the Tsum Tsum Christmas event
I wasn't able to play for a while because of my smashed phone
Luckily I had a back-log of around 350 hearts in the game, so I was able to grind the event

I think it took me at least 130 hearts to complete the event
So I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have a back-log or active friends list

and that's all from my phone this week ♪
There was a serious lack of Pug, I guess she can debut next week

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