Friday, 22 January 2016

Sailor Moon Chocolates (part 1)

 Fighting evil by moonlight, eating chocolate by daylight!

I recently bought some special edition Sailor Moon chocolates from J-box
and today I'm going to show you the two smaller tins from my haul

If you want to see what's in that bigger box, be sure to come back next week
It's so special that it deserves it's own post (^_-)☆wink

 First up is this small tin with Sailor Moon's iconic ribbon and transformation brooch
It also features the symbols of the other Sailor Scouts

The pattern is minimalistic but so very cute!

 Inside are 5 individually wrapped chocolates
The packaging of which features a similar motif to that on the tin

 These chocolates are DELICIOUS ♥♥♥♥♥
If you've ever tried Melty Kiss before, then they're very similar

They're caramel flavoured with a dusting of cocoa powder
You can just let them melt in your mouth and oh gosh, they're so rich

 The other tin I bought was a cat set
One is in the design of Diana and the other features Chibi Moon and Luna P

I actually bought last years set too which featured Luna and Artemis
So I feel very happy to have a full set of these kitty tins ♥

 The design on the tins is so adorable
I love the pastel colours and they just make me so happy!

Each cat contained 4 of the same chocolates as the previous tin
I'd normally want some variety however these chocolates are seriously amazing
I am NOT complaining about having more of them! ♥

I'm not sure if J-box will be getting anymore stock of these particular sets
However they do have a limited stock of a larger tin which features different chocolates
As well as a selection of Rilakkuma Valentines chocolates too 

Though who cares if these are for Valentines, treat yourself
and be sure to join me in a few days for more Sailor Moon chocolates

Here's a sneak peek at what's to come...

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