Sunday, 20 December 2015

William Curley Macarons

 On my recent trip to London I was able to visit the famous Harrods for the first time
and to be honest, it would probably be my last haha

As much as I like to pretend I'm classy, this place it just NOT for me
The staff were all pretty snooty and everyone in store lost their sense of direction
I was constantly being bumped in to, was this a store or a mosh pit?!
(honestly, I've felt more comfortable in mosh pits)

So I felt a little relieved when we stumbled upon all the yummy foods
Oh gosh, there was soooo much yummy food
Of course things were still rather posh, but nothing will ever amuse me more
than seeing 3 Japanese dudes standing in the middle of the floor
trying their first Scotch Egg and doing so with Chopsticks
It was a beautiful sight

Anyway, I bought some macarons by William Curley!

 They were £3.50 each with no kind of 'discount' for buying a box full

 Strawberries and creme, Matcha and Yuzu, Salted Caramel and Raspberry

The macarons them selves were very thick, which was quite unusual
and the anomalies didn't stop there as the Matcha macaron had a slab of Yuzu jelly in the middle
it was so strange and kind of ruined the texture

The other flavours were nice with the Salted Caramel being pretty much HEAVEN
But I wouldn't race back to Harrods for another pop at these macarons
(I'd probably hit up the bakery though, so many yummy looking breads)

If you are in London are have a macaron craving, I'd say check out Laduree
I believe they have a cafe inside Harrods, and their macarons are slightly cheaper at £2.10 each

and if you're in the North, I'd recommend a visit to Bettys for macaron galore ♥

My mum bought some Mince Pies and the guy that served us
spotted my Star Wars T-shirt and turns out he was a friend of John Boyega!
He seemed so proud of his friend and that out a huge smile on my face

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