Sunday, 13 December 2015

Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2015

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hey everyone!
I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I attended the Hyper Japan Christmas Market
It was the first convention of it's kind that I've attended and I loved every moment of it!

 The event was held at the Tabaco Docks, which is a beautiful and unique venue

I'd been slowly coming down with a cold before attending so when we first arrived
and spotted a stall selling hot Yuzu, I was in heaven!
The layout in the upper area was very interesting and some vendors were lucky enough to have their own little areas which were more akin to shops than stalls

The first stop was Tofu Cute!

 The whole stall area was jam packed with all things cute
I really wish I'd bought a plushie or two!!

We had our photo taken in the Fuwa Fuwa Photo Area and had to shout "TOFU CUTE!!", they've since posted it on their Facebook and it's pretty hilarious hahaha

Also in the upper level was an area showcasing artists from Japan with plenty of beautiful crafts
There was one stall in particular with hand made leather origami crane accessories, I was so very tempted to buy a hair clip (omg, why didn't I?!)

 In the arts area we met Tomo-san of Doll Tomo (Website / Instagram)
Who is part of a family run doll making studio in Nara, Japan

The dolls were all so beautifully made, with real human hair and vintage fabrics
When you looked in to their eyes, they seemed so real!
If I ever get the chance to visit Nara again, I would love to stop by the studio

 A Christmas Tree full of Daruma!
I totally want this as I'm rather fond of the little dudes

This was at the JP Books stall, they had plenty of Japanese language books and manga
They also had a beautiful Daruma that was quite large and only £25
(other large Daruma at the convention were £40-55)
and I sooooo regret not buying it, oh my god
I was just really worried about trying to get it home safely
I really hope someone bought it because it was pretty darn beautiful!

 Randoseru backpacks at the Aeon stand
I absolutely LOVE Randoseru but boy are they expensive
I actually saw someone with a shopping bag from this stall later in the day and I was very envious!
They're just so sturdy and it looks like everything would stay nice and neat whilst inside hehe
(They're actually commonly used by Elementary students in Japan!)

 The stall!
They make larger mascot style Kigurumi, so cute

I didn't take as many photo's as I'd have liked to, I feel weird taking pictures of peoples stalls, it seems rude! (especially if I wasn't able to purchase something)

Once we had explored for a little we were getting pretty hungry so we headed down to the food area where I bumped into the amazing Abi-Pop and Kelsey Ellison! ♥
Abi and I did our best to StreetPass each other on our 3DS' heh

There was a good selection of food stalls available and Rhi even managed to spot one that sold Organic/Vegan food!
I got myself some Takoyaki and a bottle of Ramune
I haven't had Takoyaki since I was in Japan last year, I miss it so much!

 Whilst locating some toilets we came across this amusing sign heh

and before we knew it, it was time for LADYBABY!!

I've been a huge fan of Lady Beard for a while now 
and tbh Lady Baby were the whole reason why I made this trip haha

 The performance was amazing, though sadly they were missing one member!
Since the band was new they could only play like 4 songs, but that meant we got to hear Nippon Manju twice and I ain't complaining

Rhi and her mum hadn't actually heard anything by Lady Baby before the show, I don't think her mum had even seen a picture of them haha. But they both fell in love and that made me very happy!

After the show we were going to stay around for the Hatsune Miku... thing... lol
I'd been told by Lady Baby on Twitter that they would have merch after the show so I popped out of the hall in search of their stall and spotted a Meet & Greet area
It looked pretty crowded so I didn't want to bother, but when I went back to Rhi and told her she was like "errm, no!!" and made me join the queue

Her mum stayed in the performance area, but since we were waiting for quite a while Rhi when to get her. She said the Hatsune Miku event wasn't very good, it didn't look like a hologram and was projected onto a piece of weird net material hah. Such a shame!!

We were in line for quite some time but I'm so glad Rhi made me go because...

I had totally lost my voice at this point and was literally making small squeaks, so when I tried to talk to Lady Beard he was super amused and said that it was a sign of great support!
Rei said I was cute and grabbed me for a big hug ♥ ♥ ♥

After the meeting we hung around a little and I managed to snap a "selfie" with Abi and Kelsey too!

By the time we had met Lady Baby the event was closing!
We had missed so many stalls due to the complex layout of the building and just not being "efficient" I suppose haha, but we like to take our time and because of that we met some incredible artists and some lovely people

Oh boy, this post is getting long now!
I did intend to post my haul from the day here too but I'll post that later~

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