Saturday, 12 December 2015

Camden Market

 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hello!
I recently took a trip to London for a long weekend with my mum
I say weekend, but we arrived on Thursday heh
We didn't really have any plans for that evening so we headed to Camden

Camden is one of my favourite parts of London
It feels much more "down to earth" compared to other areas and it also holds a special place in my heart as I stayed here for my 18th Birthday and saw Dir en grey during their first UK shows!

Camden has lot's of unique store fronts, I'm not 100% sure why but they sure are fun!

Camden was the hot spot for Punks in the 70's, so you'll find plenty of alternative style clothing stores in the area. I wonder if the elaborate signs were also part of the Punk movement
They definitely go against the "norm"

Also in Camden is the Stables Market
It's hard to describe, but it's a compact market place that feels like it's own bustling city

 It's such a unique location and full of amazing stalls
Chain Stores and big brands aren't allowed to set up in the Market so it's the perfect place to find small businesses and one of a kind products

I think a few stalls are permanent but from what I know many are on short term lease, which means the products and dynamics are always changing

 There was even a few small art spaces!

Near this one was the Amy Winehouse tribute statue, which I didn't manage to get a photo of because for some reason I just burst in to tears!
I can't say I was ever a huge fan, but I do like her music, and I guess since her death I've just been through a lot of my own struggles and I felt a strong sense of understanding for Amy's own troubles

 One of the permanent stores within the market is of course Cyber Dog!
We didn't go in this time as I find it a bit overwhelming (particularly with the music blasting so loud) but it's indefinably worth having a look around should you ever have the chance to visit

 Camden Market is also well known for it's various fast food stalls
I almost got some Okonomiyaki and Gyoza but I ended up getting some curries with my mum (I do kind of wish I'd got the Japanese food though haha)

To be honest, you could totally walk around the food area and not buy a thing. Because it's so competitive they vendors will offer you free tastes and samples, you could just go around and fill up on those haha

After food we had a look around a lower part of the Market~

 There was a few Vintage stalls, I've started to get a taste for Vintage furniture but more specifically, porcelain dogs/poodles haha

 A mural inside the Oi Oi store which specialises in clothing and accessories from the old Skin Head/Ska movement

These days Skin Heads are often associated with racism, which is a huge shame. It was originally the fashion sub culture of those who enjoyed Ska music, which my mum loved when she was growing up so this store was like a blast from the past for her.
It made me really want a Chelsea hair cut too!

On our way back to the Tube Station we noticed one of the other sections of Market had been demolished!!
It was opposite the Stable Market and was known for it's seating, which was made from old Motorcycles that over looked the Canal
Seeing it suddenly gone was a bit of a shock, but since a lot of land/property in the area has been bought by a millionaire in the past few years, a lot of people have feared the "erasure" of Camden's markets
I hope they it doesn't get too drastic

Finally, here's something I purchased from the Market!
It was from a stall called Rafflesia Designs

I've been in need of a new hoodie, so having something a little more unique is just perfection!
I was originally taken in by a skull design but I fell in love with this print

Each piece has it's own print placement, so no two garments are alike

and could you believe, that the owner of the stall was actually from my home town?!
What are the odds!

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