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Japan Crate: November 2015

 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hey everyone!
I recently received the November edition of Japan Crate and thought I'd blog about it~

In case you don't know what Japan Crate is
It's a monthly subscription box jam packed with snacks and goodies from Japan!

かるさつま紫いも味 / Purple Sweet Potato Sticks
Sweet Potato is the Japanese seasonal equivalent of Pumpkins in the West
So you often find it making it's way into snack flavours this time of year, as well as being sold baked by street vendors

These particular sticks were very sweet, it was kind of surprising, they had a lovely light-crunchy texture and to be honest were an absolute pleasure to eat!
ブラックサンダー / Black Thunder
I've heard a lot about this chocolate bar and it's rated very highly amongst my friends, but for some reason I've never tried it before and now I see what the fuss is all about!
It's jam packed with pieces of biscuit and also an Oreo style cookie
But that doesn't make it hard or crunchy, the texture of the biscuit is short which makes it a delight to eat
サイコロキャラメル / Meiji Dice Caramel
Such cute packaging, each box contains 2 pieces of buttery caramel
According to the booklet that accompanies the Japan Crate, these babies have been in production since 1910!
 Pejoy Cookies and Cream
Made by Glico, these are essentially "inside out" Pocky
With a thin biscuit tube containing a creamy flavouring
 ホットチリサラダ味 / Hot Chili Salad Pretz
Can we just take a moment to look at this box, what the heck is that food?!
When I think of a Chili Salad, I imagine a pretty standard salad with some peppers and a chili sauce dressing, but I've no idea what's going on here hah
These baked, thin bread sticks were generously seasoned without being too spicy or overpowering for my tastes but may have been too strong for other people

Japan Crate offers 3 package sizes to suit all budgets
The smallest of which is the Mini Crate which costs $12 a month and the November edition contained every product featured above!
 グリコキャラメル / Glico Man Caramel and Toy
The Glico Man is a famous image that features on a billboard in Osaka, and I've actually had the pleasure of being able to view it in person!
There's always lot's of people on the bridge next to him, copying his pose and taking funny holiday snaps

 This edition came with a surprise wooden toy
I was hoping to get the Pizza but sadly I got a fish and a frying pan haha
 うらないっこフーセンガム / Uranaikko Bubble Gum
These sticks of Cola flavoured gum all feature a fortune
Thankfully Japan Crate were kind enough to provide some information and translations to help decipher if your fortune was good or bad
Bad fortunes may also make the gum turn your tongue red!
 ロングネックマシュマロ / Fluffy Long Neck Marshmallow
Ok... so this was a weird one for me
We have this long marshmallow in the UK and we call them Flumps
It was so strange to see this pop-up in my box of Japanese snacks hah
I was a little disappointed, but I've heard that marshmallow is good for sore throats and as I've not felt very well recently, I was glad to have it's aid
 ふなっしーふりふりシェイク / Funassyi Furi-Furi Shake DIY KIT
Funassyi is a strange Peat mascot for the city of Funabashi
He's so odd that I'm just going to link you to his Wikipedia page so you can join me in my state of confusion haha
This Kit is for a Pear flavoured Milkshake and comes with a collectible cup
I'm a little hesitant to try it because I'm not a fan of Pears

As I mentioned above, Japan Crate subscriptions come in 3 sizes
If you were to buy their middle Original Crate in November you would have received every product above (including those in the Mini crate!) and costs $25 per month
 チューノスケ / Chunosuke Water
One great feature of Japan Crate is that their Premium Crates always include a drink! This is something I've found is unique to Japan Crate and is a big plus
This months drink was available in 3 flavours: Exercise, Grape or Apple
I received the Exercise version which is supposed to be re-hydrating and had a light taste
 スパイvs.スッパイガム / Spy Vs. Suppai Sour Gum
This is a roulette game in the form of Gum!
One stick is Suppai/Sour but they look identical
and let me tell you BOY WAS IT SOUR!!
I couldn't control my facial expressions and I had to take it out haha
I am such a wimp when it comes to sour candies, I couldn't handle it at all
 パチシュワMIXキャンディー / Pachishuwa Grape Soda Mix
Whilst this sounds like a drink mix, it's in fact supposed to represent a Grape Soda in edible form with various textures such as popping candies and chews
 史上最長超ひもQグミ / SuperString Q
This gummy string is 126cm long and contains 2 styles of Grape flavours
I've had this candy before in a different flavour, so I'm excited to try this!

Finally, the Bonus Item!
Sometimes it's a capsule toy but this month was a small Naruto blind box
I received a small Itachi figure with a lobster clasp to use as a keychain
Sadly I'm not a Naruto fan! (´・ω・;`)
I'll be sure to pass this on to a friend who is

and finally that's everything that was featured in the Premium November Japan Crate *phew*
This is the largest option and costs $30 a month

There was a great selection of goods this month, but I do have to say that I sadly cannot continue with my Japan Crate subscription
This is simply because of the shipping, which is $15 to the UK making each Premium Crate $45/£30 a month
I totally understand that the shipping costs are not something they can absorb so it's not their fault at all and I will say that if you are in the US then this crate service is something for you to consider as shipping for you is not only Free but from what I've heard it's super fast too!

Japan Crate are also expanding their selection and have recently launched Doki-Doki!

This is a monthly service of Kawaii and fun goodies from Japan
Right now only one size is available for $30 a month
(with the same $15 if you're outside of the US)

But it does look very promising!
There's a few "Kawaii" boxes on the market these days but I feel like they often contain cheap items and aren't worth their price tag
I'd love to sign up to Doki Doki's debut box but with Christmas on the way I'll have to save this one for the future

Wow, this post is mighty long! (;´Д`)SORRY(´Д`;)
If you stuck with me then thank you so much
Be sure to let me know which of the November Japan Crate snacks is your favoruite ♪

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