Wednesday, 16 December 2015

J-list 福袋

 As the New Year looms, many stores in Japan are preparing their 福袋 
and popular online retailer of Japanese goods J-list is no exception!

In case you don't know, 福袋/fukubukuro are lucky bags
Stores fill bags with items from their stores and sell them at a reduced price
The catch?
You have no idea what your box will contain!!

It's such a gamble, but a total thrill and more often than not you get lucky

This year J-list has various themed bags for sale
The cheapest of their offerings is a Snack Bag for $25 which contains 10 random snacks

Next is the Doki Doki Lucky Random Set for $40
This includes "7+ items, including one large and one small plush toy, 
a large electronic toy/home item, a useful traditional Japanese item, 
an all-ages visual novels in English, a transforming robot toy, 
a large home/kitchen item, plus a kawaii Sanrio item"

For lovers of all things cute there is a Kawaii bag also for $40
This set promises items which amount to $90+, a great saving!

and for the Otaku, an Anime Goods bag for $50
There was an even bigger Anime bag available but these things sure do sell fast

But there is one bag in particular that grabs my attention...

The returning and ever popular Sailor Moon lucky bag!
This years costs $80 and promises...
"3 capsule toy sets, 3 stationery, 1 set of mini figures, one fashion accessory, 
one manga, one cute trinket, and one random item"

I bought a slightly more expensive version of this bag earlier in the year and...

I paid $120 for this mystery bag and one item alone was worth $90
In fact, the total value of my lucky bag was a staggering $256.85

So I can't recommend these bags enough and even better
J-list are hosting a flash giveaway where you can win any bag of your choice

You'll have to be quick though! There's only 2 days left!

* This is not a sponsored post, I just love lucky bags ok!

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